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Effective Gun Reform: The Very Simple Guide to Saving Lives While Addressing Mental Health

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Effective Gun Reform: The Very Simple Guide to Saving Lives While Addressing Mental Health
A Simple 2 Step Process Written by the People Who Know What the Heck We’re Talking About

FAILURE! Governor Rick Scott’s Plan:

  • Allows Other People to Control Your 2nd Amendment Rights
  • Punishes People Struggling  for Getting Mental Health Treatment
  • Demonizes A Large Portion of Our Society

Only Download Our Firearm Action Plan Guide If You:

  1. Care about saving innocent lives in America (Not just LOOK like you want to save lives)
  2. Have an IQ high enough to understand that guns save more lives than take them.
  3. Are intelligent enough to know that criminals don’t follow the law

Our Firearm Action Guide has been written by industry experts who actually know what we are talking about. Gun dealers are on the front lines of a political and physical battle. We meet the customers, engage with the community, and are forced to stay on top of the political world more than any other industry.

We are firearm instructors, gun experts, and safety training leaders who are some of the sharpest and best in the country.

Anti-gunners may suggest that our motive is to “profit off of more gun sales.” If you’re an gun industry insider, you know exactly how laughable and ridiculous this argument is – because we all know that there isn’t a lot of money in selling guns.

Politicians and the elite have bodyguards and security to protect them. They are completely disconnected to the communities they claim to serve.

We exercise our right to DENY gun sales whenever we believe we cannot trust the person buying a gun.

Warning: Rick Scott’s Plan Demonizes, Dehumanizes, and Punishes Those Struggling With Mental Health

According to Psychology Today, Biological Psychiatrists believe that all mental health issues are “biological disorders involving some form of breakdown in brain circuitry.”

Rick Scott’s plan treats people who need mental health treatment exactly how America treats MUTANTS in the ever popular X-Men movies.

Here’s why people will NOT seek access to mental health treatment:

  1. Rick Scott makes it clear that anyone with a mental health issue will no longer have firearm rights.
  2. Rick Scott is PUNISHING people seeking medical treatment.
  3. Rick Scott is unfairly judging people who need medical treatment.

Our plan will lead to more lives being saved!

Step 1: Encourage Sufferers to Seek Help (Instead of Punishing Them!)

Mental health sufferers who know they need help should be encouraged to unite with an accountability partner. Someone like a friend, family member, or fellow church member can have a great impact during the road to recovery. As part of the mental health process, we can encourage the sufferer to voluntarily allow this accountability member to securely lock away the sufferer’s firearms until treatment has been successful.

There are TWO main problems in the mental health world:

  1. Mental health sufferers are over-medicated while focusing on short term treatment if symptoms, not causes
  2. Sufferers are not just plagued with symptoms of their disorder, but also with society’s irrational and bias fear

Support sufferers who recognize the need for help!

People who suffer from mental health disorders don’t seek help for the following reasons:

  • Like other diseases, it can be embarrassing and uncomfortable to admit there may be something “wrong”
  • Sufferers are more afraid of being society’s unfair and fear-based stigmas
  • Sufferers are too worried about the punitive consequences to seeking help

Redistribute Rick Scott’s $50 Mental Health Initiatives: from Punishment to Encouragement

In order to impact the mental health community the most, we need to:

  • Set up advertising campaigns encouraging mental health suffering to seek help confidentially
  • Enhance the value and benefits of treatment
  • Remove punitive measures that punish non-violent mental health sufferers for seeking treatment

Provide Grant Money for Business Willing to Hire Veterans with PTSD (With NO Red Tape!)

When most veterans leave the battlefield, they leave their mission behind. While dealing with their mental health issues, most lack a sense of purpose. By providing grants for small businesses to both hire veterans with PTSD AND to create programs specifically to assist veterans with PTSD, we can help a small business with mission and purpose to assist in the mental health world.

Step 2: Equip Firearm Dealers With Training and Legal Discernment to Prevent Gun Sales to People Who May Commit Crimes

Firearm dealers are the front lines in the battle to protect our communities. Dealers are often afraid of political backlash or lawsuits for denying service.

The Florida Government Can Help Us Do Our Jobs!

There are two main ways the Florida government can help us prevent gun sales to those with criminal intent:

  1. Analyze, compile, and share the attributes of violent or aggressive people – then provide training on what a gun dealer can look for
  2. Provide lawsuit immunity for gun dealers for lawfully denying a firearm sale to any potential customer for any reason

Step 3: Train Special Deputies On School Property



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