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Florida Gun Supply’s Best Selling Guns

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The Best Selling Guns Tend to Be the Newest, Too!

There were some really great guns that hit the market recently, and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

Here’s our list of the top 6 guns that we sell the most!

The Legendary Ruger LC9s Pro: The Ultimate Carry Gun


Ruger LC9s Pro: Legendary Carry Pistol
Ruger LC9s Pro: Legendary Carry Pistol

By far, this is one of my personal top pics of 2014. This is the same sweet Ruger LC9s that has one of the best single-action trigger pulls that I’ve felt in a long time, but this one doesn’t have a manual thumb safety on it.

The Ruger LC9s Pro made our top list because of a few factors:

  • 7+1 capacity in a sleek, easy to conceal design
  • The Ruger LC9s Pro MSRP is $449, but can be found for between $397-$500 (our price is $372 – on sale!)
  • No external thumb safety, which means it will be a faster draw-to-fire time
  • Dovetailed sights, pinky-plate magazine, and all the other features you’ve come to love from Ruger

For more information on the Ruger LC9s Pro, check out these links:

Top 6 Guns List of 2014 #2: The Sweet Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm with No Thumb Safety (NTS)

shield-9The Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm with no thumb safety was by far one of my personal favorite releases of all time. The M&P Shield 9mm was by far one of my favorite daily carry guns, but Smith & Wesson out-did themselves with their 9mm Shield with no thumb safety.

When you carry your M&P Shield with the thumb safety, do you carry with the thumb safety on or off? I always carry with the thumb safety off because of how cumbersome of a safety it really is.

Comment below how you carry it.

Quick reasons that I love the M&P Shield 9mm with no thumb safety:

  • Because of how thin and light this gun is, it really can be carried all day comfortably
  • Your choice of the comfortable 8+1 capacity, or 7+1 capacity without the pinky-plate
  • M&P Shield’s MSRP is $449, but can be bought for between $425-$500. (Our price is $397 on sale!)
  • The sear deactivation and patented take-down lever are two of the signature parts of the M&P line. These allow all M&P pistols to be taken down without pulling the trigger. Smooth move, Smith & Wesson!

More links for the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm with no thumb safety:

Top 6 Guns List of 2014 #3: Glock 42: The Glock that went through a dryer

I know, I know, there’s going to be plenty of comments below how the Glock 42 was the best new gun to hit the market in 2014. Save it.

The Glock 42 is a Glock that looks like it went through a dryer machine. But, this actually is a pretty good gun, and has the capable stopping power of the .380 round. I was hoping Glock was going to make a Glock .22LR design, but no such luck yet.



Top 6 Guns List of 2014 #4: The Ruger LCRx .38 Special

Ruger LCRx: Ruger's famous revolver trigger action with a hammer!
Ruger LCRx: Ruger’s famous revolver trigger action with a hammer!

I gotta tell ya, when I found out that Ruger was coming out with a .38 Special LCR with a hammer, I was pretty excited. I love the trigger system on the Ruger LCR series revolvers, which are patented by Ruger.

I personally won’t carry a revolver without a hammer, but that’s personal preference. (Let me know your preference in the comments below, it’ll be interesting to hear your opinion.) Until the launch of the LCRx, no LCRs had hammers on them. I always thought that was a bummer, but thanks Ruger for reading my mind!

Reasons I love the Ruger LCRx:

  • Although my loyalty lies with Smith & Wesson, I’ve always secretly admired the beautiful Lightweight Compact Revolver line of products. Sleek, sexy, and light!
  • I’ve always thought that Ruger makes a great action, and their friction reducing cam in these revolvers are no different. Great, smooth trigger pull.
  • Interchangeable grips make sure your Ruger LCR is the perfect size and shape for your hand

More Information on the Ruger LCRx:


Top 6 Guns List of 2014 #5: The Bad-ass Trio: Smith & Wesson Bodyguard Line


The Smith & Wesson Bodyguard series: 38 Special with Crimson Trace, .380 with Crimson Trace, and .380 with no laser – are by far my favorite ankle carry firearms.

We all know that I personally favor Smith & Wesson over any other gun manufacturer, but they really are just great firearms. The lasers are easy to use and are built right into the frame.

These are some of the best carry guns on the planet.

Reasons I love the Bodyguard line:

  • Lightweight, sleek, and great ergonomics (for small guns!)
  • The reliability, awesomeness, and sheer brilliance of Smith & Wesson (and their lifetime warranty!)
  • The Bodyguard .38 special has an ambidextrous cylinder release: perfect for lefties like me!

More Resources on the Bodyguard Line:


Top 6 Guns List of 2014 #6: Ruger LCR 9mm (Sorry, Smith & Wesson!)

I know, I know! Another Ruger on my list of top 6 guns of 2014. I feel like I’m betraying Smith & Wesson by only mentioning them once on my list of top guns. But what can I say? Ruger has released some pretty bad-ass guns this year.

What’s your caliber preference?

As for me, everyone knows I’m a 9mm guy, and I have more 9mm ammo in my personal collection that I have of any other caliber (combined!). That said, I love 9mm, and I generally stick to purchasing firearms that are 9mm. That’s probably why the LCR 9mm is one of my favorite guns to have hit the market in 2014.


More Information on the Ruger LCR 9mm:

  • As mentioned previously, I have a love affair with the Ruger LCR revolver line, and 9mm is my thing. This revolver is awesome.
  • I absolutely LOVE the patented trigger system that Ruger has in these LCRs!

More Resources on the Ruger LCR 9mm:


Love a gun that was released in 2014 and was not on the list? Comment below and share!



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