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Some Truth About Concealed Carry in Florida

Posted On February 8, 2015 at 2:32 am by / 8 Comments

Here are the top 4 Florida Concealed Carry Truths You Need to Tell Your Friends

Disclaimer: There is a large amount of misinformation going on about Florida concealed carry law.

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Do you hate rumors as much as I do?

What are your thoughts when people who don’t know what they’re talking about spread misinformation and rumors as if it’s fact? Personally, I hate it. I think you probably do, too. So share this with your friends in the hopes that they, too, can be as educated as you and I are.

I’m not going to get more technical on the laws than that – for a full overview of Florida Statutes, feel free to download the Handgun.us handbook. It’s certainly a helpful guide on Florida law.

Without further adieu, here are 5 places you didn’t know you could carry in Florida.

Florida Concealed Carry Truth #1: You can legally carry a concealed firearm at Disney World.

(…and you SHOULD!)

Here in Florida, you can legally concealed carry anywhere except:

  • Government buildings (post offices, court houses, DMV, etc)
  • Hospitals with mental health wards
  • Schools
  • Nuclear plants
  • Anywhere that serves alcohol as their primary business
  • Here’s a link directly to the concealed carry statute for Florida

Sure, Disney World, Universal Studios, etc. might have policy that doesn’t allow firearms: but that doesn’t take away your right to carry there. At least, here in Florida that is.


Florida Concealed Carry Truth #2: Private businesses do not have the “rule of law” to ban firearms on their property.

Which means you can legally carry a concealed firearm into an Apple Store or a Starbucks!

Here in Florida, business owners do not have the “rule of law” when it comes to banning firearms on their property. That means that if you carry while on their property, you’re not committing a crime.

That said, I highly recommend you don’t do business with businesses that attempt to ban concealed carry. I’ll openly say it: businesses who attempt to “ban” your legal right to self defense on their property are just un-American at their core.

I avoid those businesses like the plague. Let me know your thoughts below.

Click here to download and print a "no guns, no money" card to give to businesses who don't want you to carry on their property (even though it's perfectly legal!)
Click here to download and print a “no guns, no money” card to give to businesses who don’t want you to carry on their property (even though it’s perfectly legal!)

Florida Concealed Carry Truth #3: You have a God-given right to protect your family. Here in Florida, you can use that right to protect your family at all times – even in church!

I would NEVER go to church without my gun strapped to my hip: and you shouldn’t either!

In this crazy world we live in, violent church shootings happen all too often.

As the world gets crazier and crazier, I think Christians will start to be attacked and persecuted in ways we haven’t seen since biblical times. The world is getting nuts, and the bad guys seems to be getting worse and worse.

Do you agree? Comment below and let me know.


Last but not least: you can legally carry a concealed firearm into a bank.

I’m not sure why this rumor is so prevalent. Nowhere in Florida statutes does it ever ban you from carrying a concealed firearm while going to a bank.

Think about it: there are a lot of us in life who handle large amounts of cash. There are lots of bad guys in the world who would like nothing more than to put our lives at risk in pursuit of the large amounts of cash that we may carry.

It’s illogical for a person to believe that you’re not allowed to carry inside banks. That’s one of the number 1 reasons people get a concealed carry permit!


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8 thoughts on “Some Truth About Concealed Carry in Florida

  1. Certain private places you can’t carry legally (bar for example). Others you can legally carry, but they don’t have to serve you or they can ask you to leave. It’s not a crime. I’m not so adamant about carrying that I won’t go to a place if they have a no gun policy. I can’t let my gun dictate my life or where I go.

  2. A no gun policy on the door is telling armed criminals that they will be free to do what ever they want! I for one do not like those odds!

  3. they just installed metal detectors at busch gardens, which likely means they’ll deny you entry. haven’t been there in past few months, was wondering if anyone has been there carrying since they were installed

  4. I am not a lawyer but I think a church that has a school on its property makes it unlawful to carry there. Too bad. Makes it a more likely target.

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