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The Ultimate Weapons Storage & Retrieval Device

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The only gun magnet made of the strongest magnetized material known at this time!

Fast Draw Gun Magnet: Made in the Good Ol’ USA

This isn’t the kind of gun magnet born out of some Chinese manufacturing plant employing helpless children trying to earn enough money to buy a pair of shoes. I know the founder of the Fast Draw Gun Magnet very well. He’s an honest guy making a great product.

This is the kind of gun magnet that is forged from the hands of hard working Americans. Tough Americans. Americans who love their country. Americans who get paid enough money to buy shoes, unlike those kids mentioned in the paragraph before. (That’s why Chinese stuff is cheaper. Kids just need shoes!)

This gun magnet is the real deal. It’s made in the good ol’ USA and has a complete lifetime warranty on it. Like, a real lifetime warranty.

Forget the “Limited Warranty” Bulls***: You’re Covered

The Fast Draw Gun Magnet isn’t one of the cheap knock-offs. The cheap Chinese knockoff magnets come with a “limited warranty.”

Most gun magnet warranties only covers “parts and labor” defects. If you break it because you’re an idiot, you’re certainly not covered.

The Fast Draw Gun Magnet has a kick-ass warranty. If it breaks, ship it back and we’ll replace it. No questions asked. Even if you were an idiot.



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