You’ll Never Believe What These Punks Did to a $3000 Gun!

You’ll Never Believe What These Punks Did to a $3000 Gun!

What These Kids Did to a $3000 Gun is INSANE

To the parents of Jeff Anderson, Justice Ball, and Dakota Jeantet Fuelner:

That’s right. I’m not afraid to say it outloud. I BLAME YOU.

I hope you’re proud of your little hatchlings. You sure did a great job raising them.

Sigh. SMH.

The Gun: This Thing Was BADASS!

According to the police report:

The firearm was described as a Sako Finnlight 85 270WSM with a black synthetic stock and a stainless steel barrel and action with a Leupold VX 6 3×18 powered scope mounted on the firearm with an Optilock scope mount. The firearm was valued at $1,450.00, the scope was valued at $1,600.00, and the scope MOUNT WAS valued at $150.00.

Here’s a translation from “police speak” into English:

The firearm was a bad ass rifle. 10-4.

The Story: Worthless Kids Steal Rifle

As you may recall, we posted about this stolen rifle on the Florida Gun Supply Facebook page:

The post received 169 shares and was widely talked about in Citrus County.

I mean, guns get stolen everyday.

But this gun… was amazing. It was such a shame!

The Hunt: Cops Go Door to Door

For some reason, the Citrus County Sheriff’s office seemed to do much more investigating on this case than when my murdered buddy turned up in a trash can. But that’s a story for another time.

Thankfully, the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office went door looking for clues.

Somehow or other, they discovered that the rifle had originally been stolen by a punk kid named Jeff Anderson. Jeff then sold the firearm to another punk named Justice Ball.

Kids Buy/Sell Stolen Gun for 10 Grams of Weed!

Yep. $100 bucks worth of pot is all it takes to own a $3000 rifle.

But it gets worse.

Way worse.

Final Logical Step: Cut Scope Off, Grind Serial Number, Throw All in Canal!

What were these kids thinking?

Had any of them simply called the cops and reported a stolen gun, the gun owner could have had his $3000 gun back in one piece.

Instead, they decided to cut the scope off, grind off the serial number, and throw it all in a canal.

Citrus County Sheriff’s Deputy Pulls Rifle Out of Canal

According to the police report:

Upon arrival, unit members made contact with juvenile ball who admitted to buying the firearm for 10 grams of cannabis. While on scene, unit members made contact with MR Dakota james jeantet feulner, later identified as the defendant. While speaking with the defendant, he stated he had taken possession of the stolen firearm and threw it into the canal behind the property. The defendant stated he had also thrown the leupold scope… inTO the water. Unit members had the defendant point out the area IN which he had thrown the firearm and the scope. Unit members were able to locate and retrieve the firearm in the water approximately 15 FEET off the shore line in approximately six FEET of water. Unit members were unable to locate the scope, but further attempts will be made to locate it.

After locating the firearm, it was observed that the serial numbers had been ground off and the firearm had begun to corrode. The stock also appeared to be discolored due to the water exposure.

The Moral of the Story? BETTER PARENTING!








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