Florida Gun Supply ROBBED!

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…and ADT didn’t even bother to call the cops.

OK, OK, Florida Gun Supply was BURGLARIZED. Whatever word you use won’t change one simple fact. They stole 15 guns.

My day started at 6:30AM with a call from a cop friend of mine. “Andy, your store has been robbed.”

My first question was one he couldn’t answer. “Why didn’t ADT call me?” The answer was pretty simple – ADT messed up.

These guys were pros. They were in and out in less than 30 seconds, stole over $7,000 dollars in guns, and didn’t leave a trace.

Watch the video below to catch the action, and comment your thoughts.

For those of you who might think it’s OUR FAULT the guns got stolen because they weren’t locked up… That won’t stop the bad guys. Here’s a link to the same group that stole from our shop driving through a WALL to get to the guns.

139 thoughts on “Florida Gun Supply ROBBED!

  1. This is horrible! You shouldn’t have to.. but maybe keep all guns in the safe? I hate how people think they can just take what they want. It’s a Disgrace!!

    1. We usually DO keep them in the safe, but I left really late the night before and forgot to lock them up. We lock them up just about every night. I’m thinking they’ve been checking it out lately to see, and they finally found a night we left them out.

      1. If the guns are usually in a safe, i wonder how they would have known the guns were left out that particular night. Just a thought.

          1. The first one to break in is a female, I bet. Short, petite and thin. I’m betting on a male / female team.

      2. If that’s the case, you most likely have them on surveillance during business hours.
        All the Staff should be Questioned/Polygraphed, hate to say it, but what Customer would know if you put your weapons in the Safe on that night?
        Sorry for rambling on.
        Stay Safe!

      3. Thats what they do. To beat the criminal you have to think like one. Learn from your mistake and keep on trucking. These idiots will get whats coming to em sooner or later.

      4. Did you get any video from outside? Knowing the type of vehicle they were using would be helpful. Definitely agree that it looks like a male/female team. The taller one also turns head enough to see part of face but video quality makes it hard to make out critical details. Might want to consider upgrading. Sucks this happened to you. Hope you catch the low lifes.

  2. These are the truly evil times. I hope the police can catch these criminals and you can recoup your losses. My prayers are with you.

  3. So what was ADT’s excuse? They weren’t in there long enough for them to bother alerting you? How did the bad guys gain entry?

    1. Yes, the motion sensors are always a 100% alarm contact issue, but they just blamed me. Well, we’ll see who is blaming who… I have a meeting with a lawyer at 10:30AM!

      1. I agree with you we also have adt,they suck,I’ve been paying for monitoring for the past 7yrs,well for 8 months my home was not being monitored,how I found out I set off the alarm 6 times in two weeks waited for 6 min each..Nothing, no cops,no calls, we finally decided to call at and ask for records on the alarm setting off,they said don’t worry we’ve have not received any set off from my home,I asked when was the last time they received a panic signal,or alarm signal and they said ohh,8 to 9 months ago..anyway I quickly demanded a test and nothing,they had to send a tech to come and repair the system..again pist the f—,off…sorry you guys are going thru this I do hope they catch those ,creeps,loosers..Get a job like we all do to buy our s—’s sickening. .

      2. I was actually thinking of replacing my current security system with ADT, I WILL NOT be anymore. Hope it works out for the best for you.

  4. Seeing this gave me the chills. Absolutely sickening. I hope these scumbags are caught. Looks as if they knew exactly what to grab. Makes you wonder if they have been in your store prior to the burglary to scope it out. What was he grabbing on top of the counter? Were those pistols sitting up there?

      1. I would go back over tapes and look for anyone fitting the build of break in. Look at their shoes may have wore different clothes but maybe not the shoes. Also look for anyone looking around at cameras and especially in the area where they grabbed. Just a thought I’m sure you are already on it.

  5. That’s exactly why we need you Andy to carry and lead the fight for us and our rights and excuse my language but I hope they get fuck ed hard for this

      1. In the limbs. That way they can be procequted for the theft. It is not the theft of the guns that i imagine is your worry but the guns being used in crimes. You’ll be playing the “what if I” games for a while. What if i only had locked them up like normal. What if i had coveredd up my display cases at night. What if i had a late night in the back doing the books….

  6. They knew right where to go and what they wanted to me it was planned for awhile I think they cased out the place and knew that it would be there they didn’t stop and look they grabbed and left it was planned job there bro I’m praying for you and hope that they get cought

  7. Wow, hit by the Pillsbury Dough Boy and the Michilin Man! Tyvex suits, Andy any place in your neighborhood use Tyvex suits? These are used a lot by professional spray painters. Just a thought. Sorry this had to happen to you. You and your staff deserve better!

    1. The camera makes it LOOK like Tyvex suits… but its camera tricks. Watch the video again. You’ll see that their waistband is covered in duct tape. They’re actually in black… but the camera makes t look white.

  8. I’m wondering if the type of weapons stolen might lead to a clue. Handguns, rifles? Could this be part of a larger plan? Good luck running these guys down.

    1. It sure is. The ATF was very clear about who this was. Its a larger problem. They’ve hit gun stores all over Central Florida to arm their gang!

      1. I’m in WV and I saw where there was a gun store hit not far from you just a few days ago and I looked it up on the map to see if it was you, it wasn’t that time, but unfortunately it was this time. I’m so sorry. Hope ya’ get ’em.

  9. Not to be disrespectful but you being a gun shop have a duty to protect your community from this kind of thing. Even I have a gun safe for the weapons I am not in direct contact with. I hope those weapons are not used to commit any serious crimes, injuries or God forbid deaths. I hope this has taught you a lesson. This was not ADT’s fault, it was yours.

    1. Richard,
      You are such an ass. Ya it’s his fault that he paid people to protect his store and they did not do there jobs. Stupid ass

    2. It was as much my fault as being shot by a Jihadi at a shopping mall is your fault. Had you not been at the mall, or had you not left your bullet proof vest at home, you would not have been killed. Blaming the victim of a crime for the actions of the criminals is a very liberal mentality. We lock up the guns in the safe EVERY night. This was the ONE TIME we only locked up 90% of the guns, and 10% were stolen. This wasn’t my fault nor the fault of ADT – this was the fault of criminals being criminals.

      1. Liberal mentality? I take responsibility for MY actions and I take responsibility for MY mistakes. You do NOT lock your guns up EVERY night or this would not have happened. You call yourself a victim because you did not protect yourself? I call you irresponsible because you did not protect yourself and rely on others to do it for you. Blaming criminals for being criminals is like blaming dogs for being dogs. Don’t jump MY shit because YOU fucked up.

    3. Have to agree with Richard on this, if they are not on me, they go in the safe, sorry this happened, but you know it’s not the first time here in circus county @ other gun stores Kane’s twice, guess they didn’t learn the first time, hope you have become enlightened, no matter how busy, tired of feeling rushed, lock them up, the criminal element never sleeps, their only “job” is to watch, wait, plan, execute…

    4. You sound like one of those democrats against the 2nd amendment. You want to blame it on everyone except the scumbags that broke the law. When will you people wake up?

    5. I was approached by an individual and was told a couple people that were un prison were talking about hitting my house. I have a personal room/mancave type of room with about 100 guns in the walls and 30,000 rds of ammo. Anyway I did go to the police with this info and pictures or my gun room. He said I had more guns and ammo than they did. He took my info and the people info who had this planned. He said, basically like you, why don’t you get safes, I’m not saying it’s not a bad idea but the room to me is like a person with art in a room with there art. I enjoy going into my gun room just to looking at them. I am having security alarms set up this week, but I won’t hide them. It’s my person preference, I need to just look at them.

      1. Greg, you could do what I plan on eventually doing. Turn the room into a vault. It’s not a cheap process, but the cost of those 100 guns far outweighs the cost of converting a room into a vault.

      2. Why in the world would you let anybody else know about your stockpile? I’m surprised you weren’t immediately targeted as a “nut case prepper” Sometimes it’s better to know what you know and stay quiet, JMO.

  10. Hi Andy, sorry to hear about the robbery. One more thing to worry about on top of everything else! And i was JUST telling a friend about a new job i got on nite shift, & mentioned im gonnna get a security sys set up at my house asap. He asked if i was gonna get ADT. Lol. Seein that tho… my answer is hell NO ! One Q for you tho Andy… why do ya leave the guns on the counter n bak wall ? It woulda slowed em down a bit if they were at least locked in that glass case. Did ADT call your cop friend ? If so.. why did it take em 3 hours ?? Thats effin ridiculous.. they just lost a customer. Prayin for ya n hope everythhing works out ok !

  11. Seems to be a rash that going on sounds like a bunch of cockroaches that are scared and running into stealing the stuff and trying to protect their dumb asses- you probably won’t get your stuff back- but the satisfaction knowing that sooner or later we’ll get scumbags like that ,at some point

  12. How do you not lock your shit up at closing? ….especially “grabable” firearms..Jesus man, just think…all of those that were intended for responsibly armed people will now be at chance to be a murder weapon, help to rob people and might kill an innocent….in hindsight 10 minutes and a safe at closing doesn’t seem like much to ask…

    1. Hey dick head. Who is the victim here! Andy is. Or just maybe one of those guys will come buy and stuff one of those guns up your ass.

  13. Andy so sorry. I have been burglarized twice, the second time two consecutive days in a row. I’m paralized and was in the hospital, when I got it the second time. I hope those “” get what’s coming to them. They sure hope the law gets them before you or I. I personally will be agressive when a burglar is inside my house. God only knows what happened(S)

  14. I always wondered why gunshops don’t put all the guns in a safe every night to remove the temptation. I know safes can be defeated but most of the time they don’t have that much time. I know it’s a pain to have to lock them up and put them out everyday but it’s better than criminals ending up with them. I know one gun shop I dealt with in south florida did that every day with 200 or more guns. I hope they catch them or if not only other criminals are shot with them.

  15. Well if the pay was right, I’d move back to Florida and be your night time security! I would guarantee they would still be there when the police showed up!

  16. If you’re not going to use a giant lock up safe at night too bad you couldn’t use one of those security type robots – with motion detector -anything moves get blasted- 5.7 ps90 on wheels-

  17. Didn’t mean to jump on the bandwagon and harp on you about safe storage. All those responses above me came in while I was posting.

  18. Andy, here in Texas we have seen a lot of this. The bad guys swipe a truck then smash it into the gun store. Now, almost all stores are putting heavy crash pillars around the stores. The pull down grating just won’t stop them. Some shops are locking up all the guns each night. Hope they catch the scum!

    1. Exactly. There are a few people blaming us for not having bars on the windows – but if we HAD bars on the windows, they would just have taken out the wall.

  19. Mr. Robinette-
    I strongly disagree. There have been two major robberies of gun stores in Hillsborough County. In one case on a very well traveled Dale Mabry Highway the perpetrators took out an outside wall that faced Dale Mabry. In November they drove a vehicle trhrough the front of the shop on Waters Avenue, another well traveled road. Alarm systems in neither store did any good. Whoever is doing this is very well informed about every location they hit. They have definite purpose in mind and I doubt they are stealing for profit. We all hope no harm comes from the stolen weapons but I don’t see any more reason to blame future crimes committed with these firearms than any firearm stolen in any other burglary. Your logic is the same used by gun control advocates to ban all guns for the actions felons who shouldn’t have them in the first place. I would also add that I have ADT Pulse for a residential system I would not recommend ADT for business or residence. As far as I am concerned their failure to contact Andy iis a further indication their system is useless.

      1. Are you and the police looking into the employees at ADT? Have other gunstores that have been hit by these pros also had ADT and if so did ADT also fail to notify those businesses of their break-ins? If as law enforcement believes these crimes are being carried out by professional criminals it is not beyond the realm of possibility they have someone on their payroll who works on the inside! I’m sorry for your loss and the accompanying feeling of being violated! Sadly there is little chance of you seeing those scumbags getting what is due them but rest assured they will have to answer for their actions! It is an absolute certainty and the punishment they will face then far exceeds anything our hamstrung politically correct legal system would administer! There are crimes committed every day for which our legal system has no appropriate punishment! Some years ago in Knoxville a pack of despicable animals kidnapped, raped, tortured and left to die an innocent young couple! To avoid reporting facts that didn’t fit the agenda coming from the White House the media ignored those horrific crimes and didn’t report on them! The legal system severely restricted the court as to the severity of punishment they could administer! Nothing the court could have done on their best day could come close to what those animals deserve! The gangs breaking into businesses to steal guns,that in a best case scenario, they will use to kill each other, but they will be used to make victims of innocent people! From where I’m sitting in a perfect world of course those firearms should have been put away but to blame anyone except the thieves for the crime is like blaming a distiller of spirits for the crime committed by the criminal under the influence! No one but the thief bears any responsibility here! I hope you are able to hold ADT responsible for their part in this and eventually catch those who committed the crime! At the very least I hope you can arrive at something resembling peace of mind! Stay safe!

  20. You can blame ADT all day for not calling you, but did they tell you to leave firearms that you are responsible for just laying around the store? I am very surprised the ATF didn’t have some tuff questions for you. In the end we will probably find out through the news that the alarm wasn’t even turned on. All weapons should be secured when not in use. If they use those weapons to hurt or kill some one its on you.

      1. I agree with you Andy. You could turn that building into a vault, spend hundreds of thousands on steel reinforced walls,
        And shutters for the windows, safes and e sry protection youncould thonk of . But the criminals would just find a way to circumvent all that protection. If they will drive through a wall to steal weapons , there isn’t much that a criminal,who REALLY wants those weapons would NOT do.
        And for those who blame you for leaving a few weapons out of the safe that one night. . No one is completely perfect and I will quote Christ on this “He who is without sin, cast the first stone”. No one has a right to critisize you unless they are perfect and have never, ever made any kind of mistake regarding weapons.
        Keep the faith Andy. I am praying for you all.

    1. Kinda odd if guns get put in safe every night, but this night they didn’t? How would anyone know that? Watching the store or not. Something’s missing here.

  21. Andy, just watched the video. I’m assuming the cops did prints on the counter and the face of the counter in front of where they entered. It didn’t appear that they had gloves on and the uncoordinated one should have left a full palm print. Any way to blow up/enhance your video and get a good picture of the guys shoes? Just a thought, maybe you might see them again, the shoes that is…

  22. Sorry bout your luck Andy. Couldn’t really tell if they were wearing gloves or not but it looked like the first guy touched the glass when he fell in the begining and the second guy touched the top of the display case towards the end there. Any prints?

  23. All I can say is WOW! Those donkeys will eventually get what is coming to them, just hope its sooner than later.

  24. I guess it’s time to put bars on the doors and windows. I have bars on all of my windows and a skylight too………though, not on our doors…..but I only have an automotive repair shop… might want to consider it.

  25. Arg, I can’t edit my comments for spelling. And my reply did not post under the “I hope he shoots himself with those weapons.” comment made by another person. “In the limbs.” was my reply. So the law can handle him when he goes to the hospital. As for ADT not calling… Perhaps the system was cot/jammed. Cell phone jammers are cheap and easily available. Ask the police to check with cell phone companies in the area and see if there is a black out area centered around your store. They can check. It’s just not “normal” of them to ask so they might drag their feet. Most modern security companies have 2 means to talk back to command. Landline and cell. Cut both and it wont matter who you have or how much you pay them.

  26. More cameras. Even mount one inside the case looking back out and up. Note the hunched over position of the robber. Have a camera to match his angle aimed back up at him. For next time.

  27. Andy says: ” This wasn’t my fault nor the fault of ADT – this was the fault of criminals being criminals.” Sorry you have that wrong. It was the fault of dumb asses being criminals.

  28. We had ADT, they suck. We could set off the alarm on purpose and they would never call the people on the list or the police. Finally canceled them but they tried to sue us over the remaining contract. Told them to piss off or we can discuss in court them never making a call for the theft. Of course, the theft I was referring to was outside the alarmed building but it was enough to shut them up. Point is, you are not alone in their incompetence. If you look them up on the net, there are hundreds of complaints about this. Bet you could come up with a fat class action. ADT is NOT what they used to be years ago. I don’t know who owns them or how they are run but clearly, it is poor at best.

  29. ADT.. One of the many reasons I home brewed my own security system for streaming vid, remote login and email/text messaging on motion or door openings. A smart alarm system that did not need big contracts or fees. And I still get alerted and I call the police and I can send them a link to live footage. It does not need internet access either to stay secure. Same system will work with a cabin in the woods. We’re using a personal wifi system that uses hamnet. With the internet as backup.

  30. Thank you for sharing. You have convinced me to purchase that ammo can safe I have been putting off, knowing I have the need and thank you twice as I was strongly consdering the “silent alarm” ADT to catch and apprehend. I have no desire to “scare off” a repeat offender.

  31. Praying for you Andy! Praying for this to be resolved and for your personal issues to go in your favor as well. It’s no wonder you are exhausted. We all can relate to leaving work slightly undone at times when we have so much going on and are mentally and physically drained. Don’t let any of the negativity get to you. I feel safe on a daily since taking your class and getting my CC. I feel like my coworkers and children are safer too. I owe it to you. Chin up because the world is always cleaner and greener after a storm!!

  32. Thats not a good thought knowing a bunch of criminals have around $7000 in guns… Money is one thing since you can get it back but safety is what I would be worried about the most, not that they already didnt have guns but now their are just more.

  33. Andy, I live in Buford, Georgia. The range/gun shop that I go to was also robbed. They were hit on a Sunday morning at 5:30. (I saw the CCTV tape). They backed up to the front of the building, on a normally busy road, pulled back out and adjusted to make a more accurate hit. They then backed real fast into the building. Crashing through a glass door with iron bars. Using a late model Dodge Crew Cab pickup. There were six perps. All wore masks and gloves. The time from getting out of the truck until they got back in was just 70 seconds. Three cars passed by with the truck impaling the building. So much for “if you see something say something”. A couple carried bricks in to break display cases. They broke the glass on a display of 1911s but took none. 9mm pistols and a few revolvers were grabbed. There was an open shelf of range loaner rifles they grabbed, also. The building was repaired and is now surrounded by a series of HUGE cement blocks. The police (they were notified) arrived in 4 minutes but the perps were gone. Obviously a large display of guns cannot be locked up every night. A nice display may be several hundred guns. At least in larger shops.
    Three of the six perps were caught the next day. Don’t know about recovery or the other perps. These guns were, no doubt, destined for the ‘hood’. Your customers and many friends really hate that this happened to you. I know I did locally. Tom

  34. Wow Andy! Sorry to hear. Looks like they grabbed the rentals on the counter and the pretty AR-15 on the wall.

  35. Reading the comments left on this post angers me. This was not your fault, I hope they catch the crooks that did this too you. This crime happening back to back makes me want to start carrying! I hope you sue ADT and find a trust worthy company too go with. I know this must be a stressful time for you and your employees. I will keep all of you in my prayers!

  36. Hey Andy, most of my friends that own Gun Stores, *Layer their Business*
    With Barbed Wire Fencing, Trained Guard Dogs(Not Pets), 24Hr Live Color Video Stream to Home Computer/Phone, Alarm (Silent Inside Store & Loud as Hell Outside Store).
    God Bless

  37. Did the Police Dept test for fingerprints ? I noticed that the first thief landed on the glass counter with both hands.Gotcha! He must have left a perfect set of prints behind. Good Luck catching these crooks.

  38. So sorry Andy!Wow, they’re a bunch of Assclown’s commentting on how this was all your fault for being robbed! Unbelievable!In a Perfect World,none of this would’ve happened.Why don’t these Assclown’s offer to help you,rather than make you a victim twice?To me there does appear be a Female or a very Girly looking young man.Definitely well planned and executed!Adt via India,where his name is Bob; but actually isn’t and will ask you about your computer monitor,because he’s at his third job and you can’t understand a word he says!Just saying!

  39. No one to blame except those two maggots that broke in.Sounds as though these two had very good intell. I hope the police check the security company employees. My 2 cents. By the way, did anyone else seem to think the first one that entered could have been a female?

  40. That is Bad, man. With ADT I can understand, I got rid of them because they were worthless for me. Hope the police catch the B–tards before someone gets hurt. By the get rid of ADT, “All Day Trouble”.

  41. Sorry for your troubles Andrew.It could have been much worse.Some years ago two thugs like the ones who did the smash and grab at your place walked into a Pittsburgh gun shop,got the drop on the two ARMED employees,murdered them both and all they got away with was 7 handguns.
    Life is all about learning from our mistakes and taking the proper preventative actions for the future.
    Thieves operate in great fear of being caught.The longer they are in their target,the greater the odds become of getting caught as the clock ticks.
    Use this experience to create an environment that future thieves will avoid.
    First you MUST to make the shop as inaccessible from the outside as possible.Just because one robbery was thru a wall,doesn’t mean the next will be,and concrete and steel stanchions outside will take care of that to a large degree.
    Bars on ALL windows.
    Steel doors with not only knoblocks,but also TWO uncuttable hasp locks on both the left and right side of the door,I’ve seen the hinges knocked out with 20 pound sledge and pried with wrecking bar and the door hanging by the handle side hasp lock.INSIDE ALL access points a steel roll down,hasp locked lockable curtains. INSIDE.
    an alarm system recommended BY THE COPS that goes not only to the alarm company,but also DIRECTLY to the local copshop,and the copshop one s separate from the alarm company one and installed by a DIFFERENT COMPANY.
    You need TWO motion/thermal AUDIBLE ALARMS OUTSIDE,battery operated and tamperproof,put in by a third company so no-one knows the entire security setup.
    You might think about hiring either a inactive Marine or Navy SEAL as onsite security when store is closed.
    Take from the ins. $$ what it costs to buy at least two TRAINED Guard dogs,I’m not talking about a couple of pound refugees,I’m talking about Dobies or purebred German Sheperds,bought from an accredited Guard dog trainer.
    Have your phone on a completely seperate system connected to another silent,well concealed motion/thermal system that will alert you thru your phone and that NO-ONE but “Need to know” people are aware of..
    If you go with human overnight security,choose well and carefully.I provided security for a Class III dealer and shop.Being at the least qualified,I carried a FA weapon at all times with serious B/U that would stop a truck.
    Make positive your security is qualified [meaning hits what he shoots at]and YOU supply him with what is generally termed “Superior Firepower” with the ability to take on multiple opponents and come out on top.
    Andrew,recriminations are for pussies.Don’t look to the past except for reference.Look to being able to STOP any future thefts.
    I also suggest having someone IN THE SHOP during the day that is NOT in the public area,is well armed,Is loyal,is an excellent shot [again Marine or SEAL] and will be your Ace in the hole if they decide on a daylight raid.
    Andrew,you’re wrong about not being able to stop a determined thief,banks do it every day AND night Brother.
    I have also seen thieves cut thru a roof to get to the goodies inside.Your future security MUST be “assymetrical” covering EVERY possible acess point and “autonomous”,NOT relying on outside power source.
    Remember this Andrew “Fool me ONCE,shame on you,Fool me TWICE,shame on me”
    These are NOT “Pros” Andrew,just at best “semi-pros”.Pros would have disabled your alarm system,took their time and got a lot more than an armful each.I’m thinking it could be a gang that could possibly have bringing guns to the table as initiation,especially if every robbery/break-in was done very differently.
    Semper Fi

  42. It is very bad. I was in the store with my husband last week. And we were very safe and secure in the store. I am very sorry if is happen. I believe it is set up. I remember every gun on display in the store. And they took my favorite pink one I so posted by today.

  43. Sorry to hear about that Andy. I work for a government agency won’t say which one. But when you work for an agency such as I have for so many years you learn not to believe in coincidence at all. You are at the top of a certain groups crap list and this is very likely been planned by these people. Odd that they knew the one night you left them out and even more odd that ADT mysteriously stood down. My friend this is not merely coincidence. I would have your shop swept thoroughly for bugs and even small cameras. The idea is to make an example of you let’s say some false flag shootings with guns obtained by supposed burglars. Believe me when I say I see much of this kind of thing on a regular basis in my line of work. You are in a bad spotlight with these folks and they hate you and the America.

  44. That’s awful what happened sadly to say we live in a cruel world some animals belong in a cage hope y’all catch them and get your guns back because lord knows we don’t need anymore on the streets in the wrong hands ….

  45. I am sorry Andy. I just don’t understand why those two idiots want to make soo much trouble for you over 13 guns. They probably try to put you out of business. We are so sorry. We will be in your class next week.

  46. Bummer that these two scumbags robbed you. A lot can be grabbed in 30 seconds. Review videos of previous week to see if anyone matching the physical profile of either may have cased the joint.

  47. I’d be suing ADT for the damages AND because they were supposed to call the police and notify you while it was happening.

  48. What a violation,someone needs to be strung up by there sacks sorry blank blank
    and yes you can tell they went right for what they wanted they have to had been watching and knew when and where to go *SSOBS*

  49. I suspect that these professionals may be using a camera nearby possibly internet enabled or possibly even a hidden one inside the store that way they would know the exact time to strike. A search inside the building to check for a hidden camera would be wise but also adding blinds to windows to prevent them from spying through windows.

  50. Andy, I noticed that at 15 seconds into the video, the larger of the two burglars lays his right hand down flat on the glass countertop. Have a look, and see if the police will dust for prints on that spot. They’ll probably get a very good print of all four fingers, and maybe even the thumb.

    Sure hope they catch these bums.

  51. I am sorry to hear this such nasty people in this worlds. I do hope you can catch them. I will keep my ear open for any gossip that sounds credible. and i will spread the news around my church and and the V.F.W some one will eventually slip up and say something you will catch them .

  52. So sorry this has happened! Watching the video they knew exactly what they wanted in where it was. They have probably been in your establishment casing the place more than once. Perhaps you have them on normal time/day surveillance tapes? Hopefully you or the police will find something or someone to help identify them.
    Be safe and thank God no one was there to be hurt!

  53. Not only did the 1st person (who I also think was female) place her un-gloved hands on the counter, the male perp placed his right hand on the counter before exiting.

  54. Thieves suck
    There is nothing worse than thieves. I would look on the inside. They looked like they new exactly where they were going and what they were doing . You should change the security company to.
    Hope they get busted and you get your stuff back.

  55. Andy, these two guys have obviously been there before to case the place, they knew right where they were going, the one that took the rifles went right for the one he wanted. All you have to do is view the security footage for the previous few days and look for two guys, same hight, same build, that came in, looked and didn’t buy anything. You could probably catch their faces that way.

  56. Andy, I love you man, keep up the good fight! Have a great feeling these f#*&ers will be caught, prosecute to the full extent of the law, no plea deals!

  57. I aint buyin ADT messed up…somebody knows somebody that knows somebody. Wouldn’t surprise me if the Chronicle is involved, JS.

  58. Look at the bright side,,those assholes will probably kill each other and other assholes with those guns, so it’s sort of a public service.

  59. Sorry to hear about your robbery and hope the cops catch the thieves. I had ADT once when I lived in Fort Lauderdale, never did like them much. Looked to me as though the first one in was a female, very slick job. There was a male-female team operating in Citrus Springs, last year. They where violent too. They were caught, but may be out on bond or something. I had a pal in England who had a garage and gas station. He had a very large German Shepherd. Lovely dog and sweet tempered as could be. Thing is, he would let any one in, but would then not let them out without doing them quite a lot of damage. Good Luck, and Merry Christmas. hope the insurance pays up quickly.

  60. This shows all the great gun control laws already on the books. If you’re a criminal this is what they do, that way they can prey on VICTIMS in GUN FREE ZONES. So if you scum that does not follow the law that makes it illegal to have a firearm in a gun free zone. Think about criminals, wouldn’t it also be against the law for a felon to own and poses a fire arm? So if they are aware that law abiding citizens won’t break the law by not carrying concealed. That needs to stop, people need to protect themselves and it’s time for people to say screw gun free zones and say we missed the sign. I have to qualify with 3 weapons every 4 years. Look at Chicago, which by looking at thing’s California will be just as bad. Sure for the first few years the murder will remain the same the difference will be the the criminals will be ones dead by people armed to protect themselves. It just need’s to stop!

  61. Sorry it happened, I been BURGLARIZED 33 times, and I understand your frustrations, man I hate a thief.There is some good news though, they left all kinds of finger prints. Stay strong and train hard!

  62. I bet these are the same punks that got my store back in May. Short-petite girl and a guy breaking through the wall. That is the same M.O. as the break-in I suffered earlier this year.

  63. Consider this: Since ADT has the ability to monitor your cameras, perhaps it was someone affiliated with them. They observed your hast and left the weapons out which made you an easy target. Like my security system they don’t start to monitor the alarm for one full minute after a breech is detected, if that soon. Just a thought. Can’t trust anyone these days.

  64. I would find out who was working at ADT when this occurred.
    Seems mighty odd that the thieves could know the guns were not secured that particular night, without a tip from someone monitoring your store !
    Could the guns be seen through a window ?

  65. AFTER is the WORST alarm company in the world… They have been sued too many times to count, and had at least 2 exposes done on the fact that they rarely, if ever monitor ANYTHING, let alone ‘notify’ anyone of an incident (one, I believe was on 60 Minutes)…

    Get SimpliSafe. WIRELESS…

  66. lol no offense Andy but you clearly are not the brightest individual. A SMART gun store owner locks up his guns every night. I think you are lying the you forgot this ONE night. Stop being lazy

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