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Who Will You Be When the Time Comes?

Posted On November 12, 2016 at 2:58 pm by / 2 Comments

Hillary Clinton Supporters, Racist People, and “False-Flaggers” – Buzz OFF! You’re Not Welcome Among Patriots!

So, if you voted for Hillary Clinton, sympathize with the KKK, or believe that every tragic shooting across the country is a “false-flag” event, then you need to get off my blog and stay out of my gun shop. You’re not welcome among patriots.

But if you’re one of the like-minded American patriots interested in our movement to “Get armed, Get trained, and Carry daily,” then watch and share.

This is important.

2 thoughts on “Who Will You Be When the Time Comes?

  1. One of Clinton-obama-mama assholes Wish they`d tried it with this old man (If not from the rear) I`d blow their asses away

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