7 thoughts on “VIDEO: Open Carry March 2017

  1. March on, my real hope is that this March would take hold across this great nation! My family has fought and died as many of yours have for the freedoms we enjoy.

  2. How do you think open carry is going to help? It will stop you from packing in public places where it is most important. You will have (no weapons) signs on every business. When my family goes to the mall, or restaurants, I feel I have a better chance of protecting them,unarmed you’re like everyone else. Victims!!!

    1. This march is not about getting open carry passed in Florida. It’s about uniting a like minded community in a positive way for the hope of the future of this country.

  3. Keep putting Boot to Butt. And teach all you can. I have viewed your site for a few years now, please keep up the great Work. God Bless You!

  4. I support what you are doing though I personally do NOT support open carry in general. THAT is best left to the peace officers. OC makes TOO MANY Liberals nervous and many
    conservatives…not to mention the police! CC is BEST kept at
    just that and avoid any problems with the public…WHO needs that? I’m CERTAIN that the police would agree with me too quite frankly. So, keep a cool head with the OC march and weed out the ding-dongs from the group early who would possibly screw it up for all of you(us)! Just saying…

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