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FREE GUN – for VETS Only!

Posted On March 17, 2017 at 10:29 pm by / 14 Comments

There’s nothing more Patriotic than treating a VET with the respect they have EARNED!

Here in America, joining our armed services is completely voluntary.

The people who are in our military are in the military because they WANT to be.

They put their lives on the line every day to keep you and I safe.

It’s time we recognize these heroes!

ANNOUNCING: Special Website and In-Store Pricing for VETS!

No one supports veterans like Florida Gun Supply! That’s why we haved launched our NEW WEBSITE platform that will AUTOMATICALLY give veterans a special discounted price – lower than any price for anyone else.


VETS: Register now for INSTANT DISCOUNTS in our online store!


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14 thoughts on “FREE GUN – for VETS Only!

  1. I apprieciate your support for us vets and the military, I went to sign up for your discounts for vets, when I go to the the military branches under what branch the US coast Guard is not listed. thank you

  2. Thank you Andy for launching this new program and offering to veterans. I appreciate what you do and your support of our Military.

    1. Also, wish we could have gotten a picture together last night at the banquet, next time. Again thanks for coming and supporting the Best Warrior Competition.

      1. Hi, Andy. We recently moved here from Alabama. I just found your web site and I wanted to say thanks for supporting those who have fought and sacrificed for us. Unfortunately many people don’t realize the group’s now are trying to keep terror attacks from US soil. My husband served and was in intellegece…we were friends and CO-WORKERS for over a decade before dating and this will be our 10th Anniversary. He made an oath, and follows it. I see his scars and as a nurse I know they are bullet and knife wounds, but I don’t know the story of how it happened. But, they are a reminder to me, as a wife, Christian and American to thank everyone who has served protecting our right. I hope it is ok…i entered him in your veterans free gun program…he would never do it himself. All I could do was send a copy of his intellegence training. My father also served in WWII in the Airborne. I agree with you 100% that we should not give up our rights. I also refuse to deny my God, and not pray in public. I am an American..we are “One Nation Under God” and I will never deny him. I may be killed for my beliefs, but I will take a few with me! We are now paying for them to study nuclear physics, to use against us. If my prayers and beliefs offend you, I had much rather buy you a plane ticket home! Sorry to those I offend but I will happily chip in for a one way ticket to your country.

  3. FYI CACs cannot be photocopied or transmitted in any way. You’re setting currently serving members up for failure. I strongly urge you use a .gov email as it truely verifies them and the organization they belong to as well as helps prevent current CAC fraud and non-veterans from accessing your generosity. DD214, retired, and privledge cards are okay just not current CAC cards.

  4. My name is Joe Macias SGT in US Army and from Inverness. I am currently in the sand box and am not able to enter in the free weapon giveaway or purchase due to my location.

  5. I didnt have my DD214 in had but had an old ….old! ID card hopefully that works.. even has my mug shot on it! Great site guys! keep it up!

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