Way More Truth That Trump Didn’t Mock a Disabled Guy

Way More Truth That Trump Didn’t Mock a Disabled Guy

Has the media ever been so aggressively deceitful? Stand with me for truth!

So, I just sat down for a little relaxation after work. I pulled up my favorite relaxation technique – the Drudge Report, and dove in.

After reading the important stuff the Drudge Report had to offer, I trolled over to Fox News to see if I might be able to be slightly entertained. After my own disappointing experiences during interviews with Fox News, and seeing them waste away in a slow moral decline, I don’t find myself paying much attention to Fox News lately.

I was surprised to read the headline:


Way to be deceptive and sleezy AGAIN, Fox News. Shame on you. I mean, I understand that you hate Donald Trump as much as CNN does. Losing control and influence can’t feel great, but I feel that you’re starting to push the limits. You’re losing trust.

And this is a perfect example of how you twist the truth. In the article

Irrefutable evidence that Donald Trump did NOT mock a disabled guy

Irrefutable? Proof? How can a person prove they were NOT making fun of someone?

I know, I know. My headline above this paragraph seems absurd. Anyone intelligent enough to read this blog post is intelligent to be skeptical. “How can you PROVE he wasn’t making fun of someone?”

Great question, Patriot. I’m glad you were wise enough to ask.

“CNN Started It”

Back in November of 2015, CNN published a report accusing Donald Trump of mocking a disabled guy’s disability. In the original video, the liberal-making program Anderson Cooper 360 plays a clip of Donald Trump. Trump is seen twitching his body while making a point.

If you take 2 minutes to understand the CONTEXT of Trump’s “flustered person” example, it’s clear that Trump is accusing the reporter of being FLUSTERED. He is NOT mocking a disability.

The truth is in the video (many videos!)

The Fox News article linked to an article put out by Catholics 4 Trump – an organization that spent countless hours scouring Donald Trump’s public speaking habits. Kudos to them for doing that!

Here’s what they found:

2005 – Donald Trump acts like a flustered Trump:

October 2015 –  Donald Trump acts like a flustered bank president

November 25, 2015 – Trump imitates flustered reporter and flustered general (same speech):

February 2016 Trump imitates flustered Ted Cruz:


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