How to know if you’re a Patriot or a Poser!

How to know if you’re a Patriot or a Poser!

How to know you’re a true Patriot – or just another poser!

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There are many people who sit around and complain about their government who would consider themselves Patriots, but the TRUE Patriots are few and far between.

The true definition of a Patriot is as follows:

“A person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors.”

If you have one or more of these qualities, congratulations! You’re a true Patriot, and the last of a dying breed of Americans.

1. You might be a true Patriot if you disagree with our current direction, but you LOVE your country nevertheless.

We all can agree that America is headed in the wrong direction. The scumbag POTUS in Washington is leading this country in the wrong direction, and every day does more damage to our nation. On purpose.

The President of the United States is ashamed of America and the values we stand for – and this should anger you beyond belief.

It’s time to take action, fellow Patriot, and get involved in the change we want to see in the country: or the United States will be lost forever.

2. You might be a true Patriot if you are prepared to defend against enemies or detractors… no matter who they might be. Are you prepared?

Whether you call yourself a “prepper” or not, it’s the duty of a Patriot to be prepared to face any battle that comes along. Not only do we need to have food, food storage options, water, and water filtration options – we also need to be prepared to protect ourselves and our family as well.

I’m a firm believer that every adult American (women, this means you, too!) should own an AR15 and a few cases of .223 ammunition. Of course, this only applies to people who are legally allowed to own said firearm, and who have the proper training in how to use one.

Whether we’re called upon to protect our homes and families from criminals or our city streets from rioting and looting – it’s our job as Patriots to be prepared.

3. You might be a true Patriot if you stand up and take action to change your community… not just complain about our government.

America is more divided now than it has ever been since our civil war. People are burning down their own cities before they even know why, racism abounds, and the upper and lower classes are taking over the middle class more than we’ve ever seen.

The solution to our country isn’t rioting, looting, burning our businesses and cars. The solution to our country is taking POSITIVE action.

That’s why Florida Gun Supply has events like our Open Carry Fishing Trip, or our next event – the Open Carry Potluck. We are bringing our community together – all for positive change.

While others are burning down their cities, we’re rebuilding hope in the America way.

Watch our video from our Open Carry Fishing Trip:

Then RSVP for Our Next 2nd Amendment Rally on Monday, May 25th!

4. You might be a true Patriot if you believe the government is growing out of control… and agree that unity and action is the solution.

I don’t think it’s time to march on Washington with our guns drawn right now – but I surely would be leading the pack if it ever comes to be that time. Operation Jade Helm, our government’s inaction towards the ISIS threat, and our inability to secure our borders keeps me awake at night worried for the safety of my family. Don’t even get me started on Operation Choke Point.

In the Federalist Papers, the Founding Fathers made it very clear that they wished to see the federal government have less employees than the state governments. This is obviously not the case today. Our taxes are higher than ever before, and more people are on welfare or dependent on the government than ever before.

The solution? We need to unite together, with one voice, and speak up to our friends, family, senators, and legislators. We need to take action, and the time is now!



Stand up for change: RSVP now for our next 2nd Amendment Rally on Memorial Day (Monday, May 25th) at 1PM!

When: Monday, Memorial Day at 1PM
Where: Florida Gun Supply’s Shooting Range at 250 S Tabitha Path Inverness, FL 34450
Description: 2nd Amendment Rally – “Open Carry Potluck & Salute to Fallen Soldiers” – Bring your favorite dish to share with others, and bring your friends! We’ll be shooting blanks into the air in salute of our fallen soldiers – all in unity for America. There will also be a SECRET announcement from Florida Gun Supply about our next community-changing activity that will make a real difference in people’s lives!
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