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Top 7 BEGINNER Handguns for HER (No Men Allowed!)

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Get armed. Get trained. Carry daily. For HER, too!

After I published my last article, “Top 10 Best Selling Guns of 2016,” I was flooded with comments from women asking, “Which gun is best for a girl?”

Girls are tricky.

Show a girl a pink or purple gun, and you have a 50% chance of a less-than-lady-like response. “I hate pink, you sexist jerk.” They all but slap me and storm out of my gun shop.

Then there are the women who LOVE fancy guns.

So, if you’re a woman reading this blog post then rest assured – if you don’t like pink, purple, or dazzaly diamonds, all of these guns come in standard black as well. (No slapping me, please!)

Top Handguns for HER #7: Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380

Smith & Wesson has outdone themselves with the Bodyguard .380ACP. With an optional built-in laser, optional external thumb safety, and standard amounts of badassness, this lightweight carry gun is a perfect choice for women.

Features women like about the Bodyguard .380ACP:

  • The Smith & Wesson name gives instant credibility and reliability to any gun – and its lifetime warranty is par none
  • The optional (but recommended) external thumb safety is the perfect feature to help keep from accidents while carried in a purse, pocket, car, or holster
  • The optional (but recommended) built-in laser makes perfect sense for faster on-target engagement
  • The 380ACP round isn’t going to provide too much recoil for any woman to handle with confidence

Features women dislike about the Bodyguard .380ACP:

  • The trigger pull is a bit longer and a little harder than other guns (but this is GREAT because it prevents accidental discharges!)
  • The gun doesn’t come in pink, purple, or other feminine color options
Check out the Bodyguard .380ACP right now!

Top Handguns for HER #6: Bersa Thunder .380ACP (Pink/laser or standard)

No list of “Top handguns for women” could possibly be complete without the Bersa Thunder .380ACP being included. This is a fantastic carry gun that has all the right features. External thumb safety, super easy to rack the slide back, hammer de-cock, and easy-loading magazines are the top features that make this gun perfect for women.

Features women like about the Bersa Thunder .380:

  • The optional PINK grip and laser are an awesome combination for concealed carry with style
  • The slide release is super easy to operate
  • The slide is ridiculously easy to rack back
  • The external thumb safety

Features women dislike about the Bersa Thunder .380:

  • I’ve racked my brain and can’t think of one single feature that women nag abou– ahem — SPEAK about. =)
The Bersa Thunder .380ACP is on sale now! Check it out!

Top Handguns for HER #5: SCCY CPX-2 9mm (Many Colors!)

The SCCY CPX-2 9mm is one of my favorite handguns – and one of the favorite handguns for women for a ton of reasons. First, the CPX-2 comes in a ton of different colors – including pink and purple. Second, the CPX-2 is a very affordable gun – with an MSRP of just $349!. Third, the SCCY CPX-2 has no external thumb safety – which means there are less steps in between a woman and the threat against her life or family.

Features women like about the SCCY CPX-2 9mm:

  • Women love the different color combinations that the SCCY comes in
  • Women LOVE the price (so they can spend more money on shoes?)
  • Women love that the CPX-2 comes with a trigger lock and 2 magazines (in case they lose a magazine in their purse?)

Features women dislike about the SCCY CPX-2 9mm:

  • The double-action trigger pull takes some getting used to for some women
  • Some women aren’t super excited that the CPX-2 doesn’t have an external thumb safety – but rest assured – the slightly harder trigger pull will prevent this gun from going off on accident!

Top Handguns for HER #4: Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .38SPL

I may make jokes about women saving money on shoes or “nagging” about a firearm feature they don’t like – but I am absolutely NOT one of the ACTUAL sexist men who believe that a revolver is the only gun a woman should use. Screw that.

With that being said, I am compelled to tell you all about the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .38SPL.

Made of aircraft grade aluminum, the Bodyguard .38SPL has some amazing features that make it stand out from the pack. First, the 38SPL is a fantastic defensive round. Although it packs a punch, ANY woman can easily handle the Hornady Critical Defense LITE rounds – which we recommend to any woman carrying a 38SPL as their everyday carry. Second, the Bodyguard .38SPL has an ambidextrous cylinder release latch on the TOP of the revolver – not the side – which makes it way easier to load and unload. Third – the built-in Crimson Trace laser makes target acquisition faster when the time comes to save a life.

Features women like about the Bodyguard 38SPL:

  • This gun is super lightweight (purses are already heavy enough HEHE) <–JOKE, NO SLAPPING, PLEASE
  • The Bodyguard .38SPL is extremely easy to load and unload
  • The built-in laser makes it easier to get on target – and stay on target

Features women dislike about the Bodyguard 38SPL:

  • Because the gun is so light, the recoil can be difficult to manage. That’s why Hornady created the Critical Defense LITE rounds!

Top Handguns for HER #3: Ruger SR22

We can’t speak highly enough of the Ruger SR22 – that’s why we have 4 of them in our training handguns in our FREE concealed carry classes.

The Ruger SR22 has some excellent features that make it perfect for women. First, it has a small, easy-to-hold size and shape. The raised (and adjustable!) sights keep it on target, and the external thumb safety and keeps the gun safe – and decocks the gun when done firing. It comes with two magazines and a bundle of pure joy.

Features women like about the Ruger SR22

  • Women LOVE that the SR22 comes with a rail on the front for accessories like lasers and flashlights (we all know how much women love to accessorize!)
  • Women LOVE the way this gun feels in their hands (and the extra backstraps it comes with in case it doesn’t fit just right!)
  • Women love how easy the slide is to lock back
  • Women love how lightweight and compact the gun is
  • Women love the ambidextrous external thumb safety and ambidextrous magazine release

Features women dislike about the Ruger SR22:

  • I have never heard of one complaint about the Ruger SR22


Top Handguns for HER #2: FMK 9mm

Women love this gun. Yes, it comes in some girly colors like pink and teal, but more importantly, its SUPER easy to operate the gun. The slide racks back easily for a women and the slide stop is extremely smooth.

If you’re a women and not sure what gun you’re looking for, the FMK 9C1 G2 will absolutely be a gun you’ll fall in love with.

Features women like about the FMK 9mm

  • Women LOVE that its made to fit all Glock 19 holsters, accessories, lasers, flashlights, and sights
  • Women love the optional engraving of the complete Bill of Rights on slide
  • Women love that it comes with either the FAT or DAO triggers (explained here)
  • Women love the color choices available

Features women dislike about the FMK 9mm

  • The only complaint I’ve heard about the FMK 9mm is that it is a slightly larger firearm than a few others on this list

Top Handguns for HER #1: Walther PK.380

The Walther PK380 ACP is one of the best guns for women. This is by far the easiest slide to rack and operate – and it fits perfectly in any woman’s hands. The pink PK380 is by far the best-selling gun we sell to women.

Features women like about the Walther PK380:

  • This is the easiest slide to rack back of any gun on this list
  • The PK380 is small, lightweight, and portable – perfect for concealed carry
  • The external thumb safety is an added barrier against accidental discharge

Features women dislike about the Walther PK380:

  • The Walther PK380 locks the slide back on empty automatically – but there is no external slide stop. The only way to lock the slide back is to use an empty magazine, and the only way to get the slide forward is to pull back on the slide and release it into battery. If you don’t know what this means – then buy the gun anyway – because it won’t matter 🙂


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