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Here Are The Top AR15s That Can Be Purchased For Under $800!

Best AR15 for Under $800 #1: ATI Omni Hybrid ($552)

Our starting gun, costing only $552, is the ATI Omni Hybrid Quad Rail.

ati This AR15 is super lightweight (only 7lbs) and extremely reliable.

What more could you look for in a gun? “A great price,” you say. Well, this firearm can be found at the great price of $552 through our online gun store.

The ATI Omni Hybrid is one of the best AR15s of its kind. It has a quad rail that allows for accessories to be added easily.

Omni was the first AR15 manufacturer to use a polymer lower. The hybrid features this polymer lower that has been reinforced with aluminum, ensuring that this gun will not let you down. The caliber is .223/5.56 This gun features a lifetime warranty.

Best AR15 for Under $800 #2: DPMS Sportical ($642)

Next on the list we have the DPMS Sportical for only $642.DPMS_Sportical Similar to the Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport, the DPMS Sportical does not feature a dust cover or forward assist.

It is one of the most simplistic, straight forward AR15s with no extras.

It features a .223/5.56 caliber. This DPMS Sportical AR15 is considered to be a “plinker” by most, but if you want to use it for fun shooting beer cans, this is the gun for you.

It may look a little odd due to the lack of a dust cover, forward assist, or shell deflector, but this is a really reliable AR15 that comes with a lifetime warranty. Check it out in our online gun store!

Best AR15 for Under $800 #3: Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Sport ($652)

Third, we have the Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Sport for $652.

s_w_m_p_15_sport_compliant This is our top choice for an AR15 for under $800, and it includes a lifetime warranty.

It has a .223/5.56 caliber. The dust cover and forward assist were removed from the M&P 15 Sport to produce a solid gun without any unnecessary features or costs.

You may think you need a dust cover or forward assist, but if you click the link below, we will show you why we don’t think you will.  The M&P15 Sport comes with a MagPul magazine and all of Smith & Wesson’s high quality standards that have all grown to know and love. Check out this great AR15 in our online gun store!

Best AR15 for Under $800 #1: DPMS Oracle ($662)

Fourth on the list, we have the DPMS Oracel for $662.

oracle This firearm is one step up from its cousin the DPMS Oracle (also including a lifetime warranty).

It is a hard working, reliable AR15 platform with a .223/5.56 caliber, that can be outfitted with anything you would like.

Thanks to the forward assist, dust cover, and shell deflector, this gun can be used in any situation. Rumor has it that DPMS AR15s are unreliable, but that’s the thing– It is a rumor. If you do not believe us, watch us attempt to destroy this gun in vain, without leaving a scratch. Buy this now from our online gun store, or check out this great video below!

Best AR15 for Under $800 #1: Bushmaster Carbon 15 ($722)

Last but not least, we present you the Bushmaster Carbon 15 for $722. Bushmaster_Carbon_15 This is a fantastic lightweight AR15 is perfect for toying around in the backyard – and comes standard featuring a red dot sight.

For its price, you cannot beat this .223/5.56 caliber AR15. This is the lightest rifle we have listed here. ONLY 5 POUNDS! The Bushmaster Carbon 15 has a lower made entirely of polymer, but don’t allow this to prevent you from buying. Bushmaster offers a lifetime warranty on the entire gun, even the polymer lower.

Check Out These AR15s Via Our Online Gun Store!

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