Where’s the outrage? Our response to teen murders in Citrus

Where’s the outrage? Our response to teen murders in Citrus

Florida Gun Supply responds to the two teenagers who brutally murdered a 54 year old man

Our question: Are we becoming desensitized to this type of horrific crime?

Disclaimer: This is an opinion blog post written by the owner of Florida Gun Supply. This is my own personal opinion about the incident. This is a touchy subject, and I’m not trying to offend anyone: but the truth must be spoken. This was a violent and despicable act that should be brought to light. The truth must be heard.

A few weeks ago, Facebook was lit up with people going NUTS about the silly 10-day mechanization proposal for the Citrus County Animal Shelter. People rallied together, held protests, and picketed downtown Inverness in a passionate show of support.

Tyzick Wall and Bryan Robinson accused of brutally beating a 54 year old man to death with a baseball bat. Where's the outrage?
Tyzick Wall and Bryan Robinson accused of brutally beating a 54 year old man to death with a baseball bat. Where’s the outrage?

Fast forward a couple of weeks. Tyzick Wall and Bryan Robinson planned for weeks about how they would beat and rob a 54 year old Citrus County man. Not only did they beat this poor man with a baseball bat, but they then placed his body in a hot tub, poured extra chlorine in, and then covered the hot tub with a tarp.

Stephen Gorney lost his life when two 17-year-olds decided to kill him for his life savings, his van, and a couple of motorcycles.

If these two boys had beat a dog to death, would there be more of a reaction?

I’m not making light of the situation, and I’m in no way trying to make money off of this event.

I’m trying to point out my frustration and anger at people for not crying out at the slaughter of Stephen Gorney. This type of event cannot continue to happen in our community.

My point here is this: we rallied together for the cats and dogs at the animal shelter, but I haven’t seen nearly the outcry at this event that I saw with the euthanization debate from the Citrus County Animal Shelter. If I’ve missed it, please comment below and let me know.

I understand that these boys are kids that went to school in our communities, that lived here, and had friends here. I’m not being insensitive by calling out the injustice I see here.

Would there have been more of an outcry if they had attacked and killed a dog?

This blog post isn’t about selling guns… it’s about taking action.

How many people have to lose their lives to horrific murders like this before we decide to get armed, get trained, and carry daily?

What would the outcome have been had Stephen had a firearm strapped to his hip?

Our community is no different than any other community in the nation. We have rape. We have murder. We have robberies. We have the same battle of good versus evil that exists across the planet.

When was the last time you heard about a lawful concealed carry holder saving the day at a gas station, or a bad guy being stopped by a good guy here in Citrus County? I haven’t heard of a story like that coming from Citrus County in quite some time.

The solution to violent crime is simple: “Get armed. Get trained. Carry daily.”

I’m on a crusade to arm and train as many people in this community as I have to in order to make central Florida the safest place in America to live. I’m outraged that nobody else is outraged about this event.

We obviously cannot prevent EVERY murder from happening… but we can surely reduce the crime rate by getting armed, getting trained, and carrying daily.

Like I said, I understand that these boys were kids in our community – but that in no way excuses their evil act. They need to be called out for what they’ve done, and the truth needs to be heard.

This was an evil and unspeakable act, and I’m going to take steps to make sure this never happens in my neighborhood, to my friends, to my students, or to my family.

Are you?

If you’re as outraged about this event as I am, please share this blog post with your friends. If you’re not outraged, take a second to think… are we desensitized?

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