5 Reasons Why I’m Still Proud to Be an American

5 Reasons Why I’m Still Proud to Be an American

Remember that YouTube video called, “The Most Honest 3 1/2 Minutes of Television,” which claimed that America was no longer the greatest country in the world?

If you thought that video was a great video, then get off my blog, and don’t ever buy a gun from Florida Gun Supply.

We don’t serve your kind.

If, however, you thought that video was the biggest load of crap you’ve ever seen; then read on, my friend. Oh, and use coupon code “stupidvideo” when checking out in our online gun store to receive $5 bucks off your order – just for being intelligent. (Shameless plug.)

Here we go. This is gonna be fun.

Reason #1 I’m Still Proud: I’m legally allowed to write what I’m about to write. (Even if it offends up to 40% of Americans!)


Up to 40% of Americans are not proud to be Americans.

I started the Still Proud Movement because I love America, and I’m sick of hearing people constantly bitch about this county – even though we are living in the greatest nation on earth. These people say they can no longer be proud of America and that they are ashamed of the American flag. They say things like, “Yes, I’m an American, but no, I’m not proud of it.”

The “40%’ers” (as we call them) also believe that the American Dream is dead.

Reason #2 I’m Still Proud: The American Dream is alive and well.

The American Dream didn’t die in either the 2008 market crash or the recession that followed. Take note of the greatness and opportunity America has to offer. That’s called the American Dream. Boom.

The Still Proud Movement’s goal is to give encouragement (and a kick in the ass!) to the 40% of Americans who are no longer proud to call this their home. We want to free these Americans from the ignorance they have developed after being focused on themselves (or their social media profiles!) for so long.



Reason #3 I’m Still Proud:  Every American still has opportunities to succeed, even if some people don’t know it.

We’re the only generation with the nickname, “Generation Me,” and that’s what we are. A generation who worships one thing in unity: themselves. Thanks to technology and the internet, we have a completely different set of values than those of previous generations. We have the highest levels of student debt and unemployment – probably due to the fact that we’re too busy playing video games in our parent’s house than we are to get a real job.

Reason #4 I’m Still Proud: Only 26% of Americans want to take away our 2nd Amendment. (That number goes down every year!)

That’s good news for the future of our online gun store, but this is even better news for the United States of America as a whole.


Reason #5 I’m Still Proud: We are the most tolerant country on the planet, and we are not as racist as some would have you believe.

Whether it be racism, sexism, sexual preference, or anything else, America is by far the most tolerant country on the planet – and that’s something that makes me proud to be an American.

One of the things we really want to address with the Still Proud campaign is the “racism” that people are hearing about. For instance, take Ferguson Missouri as an example. A white cop shot a black unarmed man after a scuffle. There were a LOT of people who took this as a race-motivated shooting. It wasn’t.

Here’s the simple truth:

Wanna not get shot by cops in America? Here’s some advice:

1. Don’t attack cops. You probably won’t get shot at by them.

2. Don’t make cops feel threatened, and you will be far less likely to get shot by them.

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