VIDEO: Gun Store Owner Shoots (and Kills) Would-Be Robber

Gun Store Owners: Lock up your guns and be on alert! For some reason, the bad guys are on the prowl for guns in America. According to Click Orlando, 502 guns have been stolen from 29 different gun stores in Orlando and Tampa this year. If you haven’t heard, my gun store was also broken […]

FBI Warns Of Thanksgiving Terror Potential

Get armed. Get trained. Carry daily. Especially this season! The FBI has warned that ISIS is ramping up it’s “lone-wolf” style attacks from Thanksgiving until after the Inauguration. In case you haven’t heard, ISIS has also recently called for strikes on the following: Schools Churches Shopping malls Anywhere the general public congregates The FBI is […]

Sar Arms B6P 9mm (EAA)

Modeled after the CZ-75, the SAR Arms B6P 9MM is an improvement to its predecessor. SAR greatly improved their 9mm design by making the frame out of a polymer material and enhancing the ergonomics of the firearm to make it more comfortable and easier to operate.

Save a Goat: Hunt ISIS T-Shirt

We are not insane for wanting to grab a gun and start hunting ISIS. But we can’t. We only have our 1st amendment right to piss them off! Pick up your Save a Goat shirt today and say “screw you” to political correctness.