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WATCH: Awesome story by Fox News 13 on the Mural!

Patriotic Veteran Mural Mysteriously Appears on our building – and the City wants to TEAR IT DOWN!

The story is crazy.

The mural is beautiful.

Help us save this beautiful piece of art that honors our Veterans!

Watch: The Full Story of the Mystery Mural

Read: How it Started

Florida Gun Supply isn’t just a gun store or training academy – we are a MOVEMENT of like-minded American Patriots from all across the United States who still believe in values like life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Our goal is to inspire Americans to take action AGAINST violent crime: Get armed. Get trained. Carry daily. Our motto is simple: Long live the Republic! We have followers and supporters from ALL OVER the United States of America who value human life above political correctness.

Here are some of the things we do to help inspire Americans to a better country:

Video has proven to be the most effective way to unite the country – and we have made hundreds of videos in support of the 2nd amendment. We have well over a MILLION followers across the United States.

With followers comes HATERS.

The Mystery Mural Appears

Over the weekend, my entire training team was in Jacksonville giving a mobile concealed carry class.

Somewhere between 6PM Saturday night and 9AM Monday morning, the Mystery Mural appeared.

The Mystery Mural is HUGE! It stands 36′ 6″ long and a whopping 9 feet high!

The origins of the Mystery Mural are unknown – but the intentions are clear. The mural is a TRIBUTE to the armed forces of the United States of America.

The Plot Thickens: “Donated by Ed Peters”

So, on this BEAUTIFUL mural is featured the words “Donated by Ed Peters.”

Who is Ed Peters?

In my opinion: He’s one of our haters.


From what I understand, he spends a SIGNIFICANT amount of time trying hard to damage Florida Gun Supply.

The “Donated by Ed Peters” just makes this Mural even more of a mystery!

The Question Remains: “Who Dunnit?”

The Mystery Mural must have been done by ONE of two people:

  1. Either Ed Peters set this up as an ELABORATE PRANK to get Florida Gun Supply in TROUBLE with the City of Inverness Code Enforcement OR
  2. A random supporter did this with positive intentions and had a sense of humor

We have literally NO IDEA who did this – but we love it, and we will do anything it takes to keep the Mystery Mural alive.

City of Inverness: “The Mural is ILLEGAL”

The City of Inverness is saying that this mural is ILLEGAL – and they’re kind of right. “Legal” and “illegal” are almost always discussed relating to criminal activity – and while no one thinks this is a CRIMINAL act, the City has code designed to STOP businesses like ours from painting things on the side of buildings.

The City of Inverness has code on the books that does not allow murals or paintings on buildings. In order to get “approval” from the City of Inverness, there’s a committee who has the final say.

Our question is this: Doesn’t the 1st Amendment protect people AND businesses’ free speech?

I guess we will see!

What’s next to Save the Mystery Mural?

The City of Inverness will be having a PUBLIC MEETING on June 8th at 4:00PM in it’s downtown City Hall location. PLEASE meet us at Florida Gun Supply at 3:30PM and we’ll walk over to the City of Inverness TOGETHER!


We can’t save the Mural without your help! Please sign and share!

6 thoughts on “SAVE THE MYSTERY MURAL! Sign the Petition and SHARE THIS POST!

  1. Please use your position of authority in places that NEED it. This mural is beautiful and heart felt. Paying tribute to thsoe who have taught for your freedom! Let it be. Move on. Show them respect.

  2. I love it and think it’s a beautiful tribute to our armed forces that couldnt have better timing, right before Memorial Day!!

  3. There are exceptions to every rule, now if this painting was in bad taste, it would be understandable, but it is not, it honors the Armed Forces and pays tribute to IWO JIMA….And frankly havent we seen enough disrespect toward our flag…DO you “really ” want to paint over it?? Just leave it alone….it isnt bothering anyone and its a well deserved Thank You to the area Veterans.

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