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Ruger LC9s Pro: Not for Newbies

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“Pro” actually means “pro.” Not the gun for noobs.

I remember the first time I bought and carried my first 1911. I remember thinking, “darn, this is a REAL gun! There’s absolutely no margin for error at all. One mistake and someone could get hurt.”

After carrying almost 4 years, but boy was I was intimidated! It made me feel as if I had never carried a gun before.

The first time I handled the brand new Ruger LC9s Pro, a twinge of me felt the same way. With no thumb safety, no magazine disconnect, and a sweet double action trigger, this gun should make you think about where your finger is at all times.

Keep your finger WELL away from that trigger.

Ruger LC9s Pro
Ruger LC9s Pro

A dream for competition shooting

Have you ever thought about shooting with the IDPA, 3-Gun, or even bowling pin matches? If you haven’t, it’s time to man up. That stuff is fun, and they all will give you shooting skills you would never have acquired without competing.

Proper trigger pull is essential in every type of shooting situation. When shooting competitively, your trigger pull will make the difference between being embarrassed or proud when it’s time to count your score.

Ruger-Professional-The LC9s Pro is perfect for professional daily carry

How many of your friends have had accidents with firearms that they’ll never live down? Most of us can honestly say that we know 3 or 4 people who have had gun accidents throughout their lives. Most of the time, these gun accidents happen with no injuries whatsoever.

With the crisp, short trigger-pull on the Pro LC9s, no magazine disconnect, and no manual safety, it’s going to be pretty easy to put enough pressure on that trigger to make the gun go off.

Make sure you always keep every gun pointed in a safe direction!

But… it has a trigger safety, right?

Yep, the Ruger LC9s Pro has a trigger safety. In fact, here it is:

Ruger LC9s Pro trigger, safety, trigger guard, and magazine release
Ruger LC9s Pro trigger, safety, trigger guard, and magazine release

I’m serious when I tell you: the Ruger LC9s Pro has one of the sweetest trigger pulls I’ve ever felt in any pistol. I’d say the trigger pull is right up there alongside my Smith & Wesson 1911 SE!

Would you want to trust nothing but a trigger safety on a 1911? HECK NO! I wouldn’t trust the trigger safety on the Pro Ruger LC9s either!

The Ruger LC9s Pro: Maybe My Next Daily Carry

The Ruger LC9s Pro might be one of my next daily carry pistols. The tigger pull cannot be spoken highly enough about, and the gun just has that whole, “I’m a bad-ass” kind of look.

Fantastic gun, but not for newbies.

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