Rationality explored: A thought provoking discussion of our freedom

Rationality explored: A thought provoking discussion of our freedom

Written by B.W. Stephens

True American Freedom is on Thin Ice!

This election is about freedom first.

Your candidate is either for it or against it. Nothing else matters without it. One liberal replacing Justice Scalia in the Supreme Court will void our constitution, thus ending our freedom and our country and sparking a violent and deadly revolution.

Voting for Hillary Clinton shows a catastrophic misunderstanding of Freedom, American Values and Individual Rights. The government and Individuals have zero rights to man-made property, physical or intellectual that another individual owns.

Introduction: Americans need to understand our 3 basic rights

We only have three rights;

  1. The right to your life (which the right to defend it is intrinsic.)
  2. The right to freedom (to not be subordinate to anyone or any entity against your will)
  3. The right to keep your property (and to its use and disposal)

“Property” may refer to a few different things:

  • Property with which you make your living (e.g. your business and its inventory-physical and/or intellectual)
  • Property which you have created, earned and/or traded for, physical and/or intellectual, (i.e. the pursuit of happiness)

Neither individuals (nor the government) has the right to the life, liberty or property of any other citizen – or any other human being for that matter.

Conservative viewpoints on the limitation of rights

We do not have the right to a business’ services or inventory, to free education, free healthcare, a free cell phone or free income.

We do not have the right to a job, to a “living wage”, paid sick leave or anything else at the forced expense of another individual(s).

The government cannot force a business owner to serve a customer they do not wish to serve, pay an employee a certain amount or provide them any benefits.

The business owner’s property is the business owners to do with as they please.

An agreement to work for a business owner is between the business owner and the individual worker, not the business owner and the Federal, State or Local government. If we don’t like the compensation that we are offered then we don’t work for that business owner – but the business owner’s right to their own property and how they dispose of it is theirs, and theirs alone.

How can an employer compete for the best labor force?

By offering better benefits than the competition, a business owner should be able to attract better employees and thus be more successful.

We don’t need the government to force this upon us, we understand it.

The problem has become the government interference through “employee rights” (which are irrational) which have led to a catastrophic lack of ambition to compete in business as it’s just easier to cry foul with our hands out.

The limited responsibility of the Federal Government

The Federal Government is to protect our Constitution, our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, without which we have no country.

Protect our borders, without which we have no country.

Lastly, to protect our citizens from physical harm, without which we have no country.

There is nothing more that the Federal Government has the right to do, NOTHING. The people, states and local governments can handle the rest as we the people see fit.

The 2016 election is NOT a sexist issue!

Now, to the election.

I do believe that the overwhelming majority of the Citizens of the United States do not care whether the President of the United States of America is a man or a woman, but we cannot elect Hillary Clinton or anyone else from the Democratic Party.

Not voting for Hillary is not sexist. Women in this country are strong and capable and have accomplished just as much as men have.

Voting for Hillary does not make women better than they are now.

If we believe that it will, then that makes us – well – ‘pathetic’ comes to mind. Why some men and women would vote for a president based on race, gender or geographical origin is beyond me, but there are many pathetic souls out there that seem to do just that.

Maybe they have such low self-esteem that they think voting for a woman will somehow make them feel better about themselves? To vote to give away our freedom for a momentary feeling of validation? How sad.

Hillary Clinton would be horrendous for ALL Americans

A Hillary Presidency will be horrendous for all Americans, women and men alike, for many, many years to come.

Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party’s beliefs are fundamentally racist and anti-American. The idea that we are not individuals with equal rights, but a “society” segregated into our designated “communities” (some of which require the need to infringe on the rights of others to be equal) is fundamentally racist.

The idea that one or more of these communities can be oppressed by another community, person, or business is preposterous.

Only a tyrannical government has the reason to, the power to, and the ability to oppress in this country.

To say that the Black Community is being oppressed by the White Community is to say that “ALL WHITES ARE RACIST AND ALL BLACKS ARE LESS THAN EQUAL TO ALL WHITES.” This belief is absolutely untrue and absurdly racist, yet it is exactly what Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party believes and wants us to believe.

Democrats: “Our loyal subjects are incapable of managing their own lives. We know the best way people should live!”

Democrats do not believe that we are capable of managing our own lives. That we need them to do it for us. It’s completely ridiculous, but it’s a fundamental belief of Socialism and the Democratic Party.

The idea that individuals should be subordinate to the Federal Government is an irrational and anti-American idea propagated by America’s Democratic Party and the socialist “leaders” throughout world history. Stalin, Castro, Mao and Hitler all shared the same tyrannical views as Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama and the rest of the Democratic Party under the guise of the best interest of society.

They all touted “for the benefit of society”, and then came the horrors.

Hillary will be no different. The only difference with the Democratic Party is that it has slowly conditioned the American People over many generations of oppression to accept them as rational. They don’t openly kill those they hate, but carefully keep them believing they are dependent on the Democratic Leaders to give them that which “they can’t possibly earn themselves.”

Hillary Clinton’s recent comments on Bernie supporters living in their parent’s basements confirms this. She believes that even armed with a college education you are still incapable of managing your own life without government assistance.

That you are incapable of starting your own business or advancing your own careers without the federal government giving you handouts or trampling on the rights of business owners. This is not something someone believes if they truly believe in the American People, if they truly believe in freedom, if they are worthy of the Presidency of the United States.

The democratic viewpoints will always fail: History proves that!

The appalling decimation of the “black community” under the Obama Administration is proof of the Democratic Party’s true intentions.

Proof that democrat philosophy is a failing proposition:

  • The racial divide we see today that was not present during the first 6 years of Obama’s presidency is proof of their lack of respect for our intelligence
  • The collapse of Detroit under years of Democratic control is proof of the inability of Democrats to sustain or create economic growth and prosperity
  • The lack of outrage for the violent chaos that is in Chicago is proof that the Democratic Party is indifferent about the life of anyone of any race
  • The lack of immigration control is proof that the Democrats want a country of dependent people to rule over

The unfounded, un-provable accusations that Donald Trump and all of his supporters are racists, bigots, homophobic, Islamophobic and xenophobic are proof that Hillary Clinton cannot run on the accomplishments of her disastrous 30-year political career. She says she has the experience to be president, yet as a Senator and Secretary of State what has she accomplished after all of her “fighting for this group and that group” and 8 years of a Democrat in office?

Our country is worse off than 8 years ago. She’s had many opportunities to accomplish the things she now promises to do as president and she has failed miserably. We know exactly what we will get from her, more racism, more poverty, more taxes and less freedom.

I’ll roll the dice with Trump thank you.

Donald Trump isn’t the solution: We are!

Donald Trump is not the savior of America, far from it, only the citizens of this great country can truly save it.

However, Trump will stop the fiscal bleeding and start us back in the right direction of Americans putting America first. Of putting our power back in our hands and protecting our Land, our Constitution and our individual rights.

He will keep the Supreme Court sane.

Barrack Obama has been promising prosperity and a better America for 10 years now. He has been the President for 8 of those years and has delivered the exact opposite, and in doing so, has created more debt than all 43 presidents before him combined.

It took us over 200 years to accumulate $8 trillion in debt and the Democratic Party has more than doubled it in 8 years!

Hillary is just more of the same, but with 30 years of failed promises.

So, if anyone is promising the moon and offering the stars on layaway, it’s Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.
Yes, I know, the Republicans haven’t been much better, but Donald Trump is not truly a Republican. He’s really an independent, he’s just running on the Republican ticket, there really is a difference.

And before we go blaming W. for all of our problems…

Bill Clinton’s Administration is directly responsible for just about every problem we currently face.

From the rampant terrorism to the financial crisis, Bill has been screwing all of us since 1992. He already knew of Osama Bin Laden and the threat he posed in 1993, the first WTC bombing, and he did nothing about it.

He launched a half-ass attack on Al Qaeda in August of 1998 which he sent 50 or so missiles into a terrorist training camp that he knew was abandoned for about 6 months and into a pharmaceutical factory in the dead of night killing only one.

Bin Laden then sold the un-exploded missiles to help fund the growth of Al Qaeda and later attack the WTC again on September 11, 2001.

Bill Clinton is why we were attacked, Bill Clinton is why we went into Afghanistan and Bill Clinton supplied the excuse to go into Iraq.

Bill Clinton signed the NAFTA trade agreement in 1994 which is the reason so many American companies and jobs are in foreign countries. They should be here creating economic growth and sustaining our country and our people.

He also signed into law the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 just before leaving office. This law allowed the banks to gamble on mortgages with outside investors. This was previously outlawed in the early 1900’s because it caused a financial crisis (I believe in 1907, but it’s been a while since I’ve read the report). This law directly led to the banks writing loans on homes that they knew people couldn’t afford, which directly led to the 2008 financial crisis.

This is one reason you still can’t earn interest on your savings even today.

There is so much more if you take the time to investigate properly. Mogadishu in 1993 (Blackhawk Down), Adultery their entire marriage, Monica Lewinsky, Bill’s Impeachment, Travelgate, Whitewater, numerous other scandals, the pardoning of friends that were found guilty in those scandals. All of the lies they have told to the American people.

The list goes on and on and that’s just what they did during Bill’s time in office! You also know about most of Hillary’s own Deplorable acts because of this election.

Donald Trump has said some things that offend some people, Bill and Hillary Clinton’s actions have killed thousands of people. The Clintons are the worst thing to happen to America in a very long time.

How in the world could a rational person vote Clinton?

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