ALERT: Pediatricians REQUIRED to Tell Parents “Never own a gun!” (But it’s worse than you think!)

ALERT: Pediatricians REQUIRED to Tell Parents “Never own a gun!” (But it’s worse than you think!)

Government to Pediatricians: “Recommend patients to never own a gun, or ELSE!”

After a routine checkup with their family pediatrician (Williston Pediatrics), Super-Mom Melissa Ridge was handed an informational pamphlet and sent on her way.

What Melissa discovered inside the packet was disturbing. So disturbing,  Super-Mom Melissa sent a picture of it to me – knowing that it would then make national headlines.

“I’m a relatively new mother. Imagine how I would have felt I didn’t have enough experience with firearms to know that this is B.S.?” explained Melissa. “It makes it sound like your child is going to die if you own a gun.”

What Melissa didn’t know was just how bad this actually is.

Bright Futures Book: The Mandated Guidelines (Set by Obamacare!)

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) worked with the American Association of Pediatricians (AAP) to create comprehensive guidelines that all doctors and pediatricians are REQUIRED to follow.

The Bright Futures Book is a written publication of many of these guidelines, and is available to download from this location.

Here’s the picture Melissa sent over from her Bright Futures handout given directly by her pediatrician: 

It’s worse than you think! Interview with Barbara Howard, MD
Johns Hopkins University

Immediately after Melissa sent me this photo, I dove into researching everything I could about this publication. My research lead me to the Project Director of a Bright Futures program: Barbara Howard, MD.

Barbara was nice enough to give me about 40 minutes of her time on her personal cell phone this morning. When she reads this article, I bet she’ll regret that decision.

Here are 5 quotes from Dr. Barbara Howard that will SHOCK you:

Dr. Barbara Howard: “The Affordable Care Act has within it, the mandate that practitioners should follow the Bright Futures guidelines.”

Dr. Howard made it VERY clear on the phone today that healthcare practitioners must follow the guidelines outlined in the Bright Futures Book. And Barbara would know – because she claims to have helped WRITE the Bright Futures first edition!

The guidelines that are being referenced here are the guidelines written in the Bright Futures guideline book. That’s exactly where Melissa’s handout comes from.

According to Dr. Howard, Obamacare is clear, “You should follow this book.”

Dr. Barbara Howard: “…doctors could not get paid if they do not follow the directives in Bright Futures.”

Dr. Howard was very clear: doctors and pediatricians alike may NOT get paid for their services unless they operate in strict compliance with the Bright Futures Guidebook and the recommendations of the American Association of Pediatricians.

Take a look at recommendations STRAIGHT OFF of the AAP’s website:

Dr. Barbara Howard: “Doctors can have the payment for the services they deliver taken back if they are found to not be doing the things they are required to do.”

This is where it gets REALLY insane.

Dr. Howard told me today that a doctor who refuses to comply by the recommendations put out by the American Association of Pediatrics (or the Bright Futures Guidelines) may have payment for the services they deliver “taken back!”

Some obvious questions arise:

  1. What does “taken back” look like? Government liens? Bank account or asset seizures?
  2. Is there a way to fight or appeal the “taken back” process?

Dr. Howard had no additional information to give on this process.





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