Offensive 1st Amendment Targets: Simple Demo Gone Viral

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Why Even I am Offended by These Targets

Fellow Patriots:

You may or may not have seen Florida Gun Supply in the news recently about selling our targets featuring images of President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders.

Yes, these targets are offensive – and I sincerely apologize for offending you. These targets even offend me – they’re horrible and ugly – and trust me, I don’t want to see images of these three at my gun shop every day.

But they’re a necessary evil. Here’s why.

Although you may not agree with my method of demonstration (which is fine!), it’s important to understand my rational behind creating these targets. No, it wasn’t to get media attention – we posted these 6 weeks before the media picked them up, and we never once informed any media outlet these things existed.

I created these targets for one reason: to demonstrate to America just how far the 1st amendment protects you. This was a show of force for how strong the 1st amendment is.

All too often, we focus on the 2nd amendment and forget the first.

My goal isn’t to anger: it’s to inspire. We all need to be reminded that the Founding Fathers knew what they were doing when they created the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Right now in America, the left is getting really great at silencing dissent. They have begin to eradicate historical heritage and reprogram American values. They are corrupting our young adults and altering our way of thinking.

I am sounding the alarm.

Sorry I offended you – but America is a terrible thing to waste. See what all the fuss is about at www.bernietargets.com.

Long live the Republic,



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