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VIDEO: “Marion County Cops Tase a Man for Trying to Help His Autistic Son”

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How “Marion County Cop Watch”is Risking the Lives of Marion County Cops (& Should Be Stopped!)

As I was catching up on my daily dose of news this morning, I came across an interesting YouTube video.

The title of the video is this: “[Marion County] Deputies tase man trying to help autistic son.” The video is below.

The video is only 30 seconds long. Take a look at it below, and share this article with your friends.

Our First Message to “Marion County Cop Watch”: Start Telling the Truth About Marion County Cops!

This so called, “watchdog” group is listed on Facebook as a “Media/News/Publishing” group.

At the time of this article, they have just over 2,000 followers on Facebook, which means they’re getting some decent views on their social media campaign.

This is a screen grab from the "Marion County Cop Watch" page.
This is a screen grab from the “Marion County Cop Watch” page.

If you take a look at their Facebook posts, they very clearly have a huge hatred for the Marion County Sheriff’s Department and the Ocala Police Department. I’d be willing to bet that the person behind this social media campaign probably has a hatred for cops in general, and most likely has a record. (If you know who runs this campaign, feel free to let me know in the comments below.)

Here’s the truth behind the “Marion County Cop Watch:” they are running a social media “smear campaign” against Marion County cops in general, and they are not telling the truth.

A perfect example of what I’m talking about is the title of this YouTube video above. Read the title again:

“Deputies tase man trying to help autistic son”

(As I type these words, I’m getting more and more mad at the Marion County Cop Watch – and you should be, too!)

Instead of going on a rant about everything that’s wrong with this video, let’s focus on just a few key takeaway points:

  1. The video has been edited so severely (most likely to hide any wrong-doing by the guy who got tazed) that you cannot get a realistic picture of what happened.
  2. The original video (unedited) should be published. I’m sure that if anyone saw the entire incident, they would understand that the cops were in the right.
  3. The guy who got tazed might have an autistic son – but he got tazed because he was resisting arrest – not because he was trying to help his kid.
  4. Shame on you, Marion County Cop Watch, for being so hateful and obsessed that you distort the truth.

Our Second Message to “Marion County Cop Watch”: If You Don’t Want to Get Tazed, Don’t Resist Arrest

If you read point number one, you’ll hear how the video was edited severely. The goal of the editing was to remove any “wrongdoing” by the guy who got tazed, and to try to present the cop in a poor light.

Well, hopefully America is smarter than that.

Remember folks: Cops have the right to taze you if you’re resisting arrest. Resisting arrest does not always mean physically. If you don’t want to get tazed, don’t resist arrest.

Oh, and for those of you who think the people in Ferguson Missouri were “right” in their protests, I have a message for the people of Ferguson as well: If you don’t want to get shot by a cop, don’t attack a cop.

Things are really that simple in this country…


Our Third Message to “Marion County Cop Watch”: You’re Putting Cops at Risk by Distorting the Truth

Think about it for a second. How many news stories have you been hearing lately of crazy people going on rampages?

Here are just a few that I can think of:

In my opinion, Marion County Cop Watch is risking the lives of Marion County Cops by stirring up anger against these cops – anger that is completely unfounded.

It only takes ONE mentally unstable person who has access to a gun (or some other weapon) for tragedy to occur.

Our Fourth Message to “Marion County Cop Watch”: Marion County Cops Are Some of the Finest Officers on the Planet

I’ve lived in a lot of different places and in my line of work, and I’ve met a lot of cops. Being raised in Massachusetts, I have first hand experience with corrupt cops. In my home town of Spencer, the entire police department was fired due to a huge amount of corruption in 1997, and the state police came in and took over.

Those were some REALLY bad cops – completely unlike most of the Marion County cops I’ve met.

The Marion County cops are some of the finest cops I’ve ever met. I also think very highly of the Citrus County Sheriff’s department.

Our Fourth Message is to Marion County Cops:
Stay Safe & Keep Up the Good Work!


Don’t Let “Marion County Cop Watch”
Harm The Reputation of Marion County Cops:

Marion County cops: Some of the finest cops I've ever seen!
Marion County cops: Some of the finest cops I’ve ever seen!



Get armed. Get trained. Carry daily. Long live the Republic!!

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