The TRUTH About the Islamic Bomber Who Got Up 3 Times While Being Shot

The TRUTH About the Islamic Bomber Who Got Up 3 Times While Being Shot

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The reason for the disclaimer: Bullies are on the prowl

There is a small but loud group of people who are obsessed with harming me and my business. The rear tire on my motorcycle has been slashed, my website hacked to death, and the tires on my truck constantly have nails in them. Every single post I ever write on Facebook gets reported and sometimes I get banned from Facebook because the moderator doesn’t bother reading the actual report against me.

The group’s leader is the liberal minded Christine from Breakroom Billiards. She makes it her entire life to try to ruin business deals for me and to try to rally others together to harm my business. Why? Simple. Because I have committed the ultimate sin – I stand up for what I believe in. I am not a sheep.

Here’s what Christine and her followers hate about me:

  • I love America
  • I stand up for what I believe in
  • People give a s*** about what I say
  • She’ll never have the following that I do

Introduction and Timeline to Radical Extremist Attacks




September Islamic Attacks Quick Facts to date:

  • Two Separate “Lone Wolf” Attacks: One extremist named Dahir A. Adan and one radical extremist Ahmad Khan Rahami
  • Dahir A. Adan was responsible for a 9-victim knife attacker at a shopping mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota, and was killed by police
  • Ahmad Khan Rahami was the Islamic radical responsible for a series of explosions in New York and New Jersey, who was captured by police
The media wants you to believe that this guy changed "Suddenly." That's not true at all.
The media wants you to believe that this guy changed “Suddenly.” That’s not true at all.

ISIS Claims Responsibility, Islamic Organization Posts Ad for Muslim Celebration

The bodies hadn’t even been picked up by the time that ISIS claimed responsibility.

The Muslim Advocacy Group, C.A.I.R. posted an ad for a Muslim Celebration in Orlando – and has literally NO condemnation or response to the latest terrorist attacks in Minnesota, New York, and New Jersey.

A quick check to the C.A.I.R. Facebook page and you can see how concerned they are:

No condemnation from the Tampa Counsel for American Islamic Relations

FBI Swarm Local Chicken Restaurant Run by Rahami’s Family

In an article posted to the New York Times, Rhami’s family ran a chicken restaurant that was ironically named, “First American Fried Chicken.” What an interesting name.

As it turns out, the restaurant has been plagued with calls about rowdy and embarrassing behavior. Allah would not be pleased. As it turns out, the restaurant was regularly open until 2AM – until there were enough complaints that the City Counsel voted to force the restaurant to close at 10PM.

One of the officers sent to enforce this new curfew was attacked by Rahami’s brother – who ultimately fled to Afghanistan instead of facing charges here in the America that this family clearly has a love for.

What’s also interesting? Their website now redirects to the Donald Trump for President website. Nice touch.

St. Cloud Mayor: Suspect Got Up 3 Times!

The Sr. Cloud Mayor describes line by line EXACTLY how the shooting of Adan was like.

Here’s a quick synopsis of what happened:

  1. Suspected Islamic extremist was identified and shot. He got back up and came after the officer again.
  2. He was shot again, and got up again.
  3. He was shot a third time – but this time he STAYED down.

No wonder ISIS was celebrating! The biased media can change the wording however they want – why can’t we stop from glorifying the death of an ISIS martyr? That’s disgusting!

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