Warning: Be Prepared for ISIS! 5 Reasons to Start Preparing

Warning: Be Prepared for ISIS! 5 Reasons to Start Preparing

5 Reasons Why We Need to Take Steps to Protect Ourselves from ISIS

ISIS is the group responsible for beheading a number of hostages on video.
ISIS is the group responsible for beheading a number of hostages on video.

First reason we need to take steps to protect ourselves against ISIS:

Our President won’t be aggressive enough to defeat ISIS – because of politics!


Here’s a quick peek at the history of ISIS:

  • 1999: ISIS starts out as Al-Qaeda affiliate
  • 2001: 9/11 happens, and then President Bush declares “war on terror” to combat Islamic Extremism
  • 2003: US invades Iraq as a response to the attacks on September 11th 2001.
  • 2008: President Obama’s campaigns based on withdrawing our troops from a “senseless” war in Iraq
  • 2010: The last American combat brigade leaves Iraq, allowing groups like ISIS to gain huge amounts of strength in areas with no authority
  • February 2014: Al-Qaeda kicks ISIS out of their terrorist club because ISIS refused to consult with Al-Qaeda and refused to change their ways
  • June 2014: ISIS declares itself a caliphate. (According to Islam, a caliphate controls all military, religious, and political authority with any Muslim.)

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So, we invaded Iraq in 2003 and for a long while, we weakened the terrorists. While we occupied Iraq, it was impossible for the terrorists groups like Al-Qaeda or ISIS to gain much momentum before attracting the attention of our boys on the ground.

We should not have withdrew from Iraq the way we did. We left a huge power vacuum, and it left groups like ISIS with an easy way to gain power. Oops, our bad.

In the past few months, we’ve attacked ISIS with nearly 2,000 airstrikes and we’ve been able to slow their growth. What we need now, however, are boots on the ground attacking these guys before they gain so much power that they are able to severely affect the safety of yours and my life.

President Obama will not send in the amount of ground troops necessary to defeat ISIS because his entire presidency has been focused on REMOVAL of troops in Iraq.

Without the United States in a direct ground war, ISIS will continue to gain power, resources, and strength.

The longer ISIS exists the more dangerous and evil it becomes.

ISIS controls a piece of real estate in the middle east that is larger than the United Kingdom.
ISIS controls a piece of real estate in the middle east that is larger than the United Kingdom.

Second reason we need to take steps to prepare for ISIS:

President Obama’s “Use of Force Request” outlined our entire war strategy for our enemy.

Recently, President Obama submitted a “use of force” request to Congress. President Obama asked Congress to use ground troops to attack ISIS.

The request is littered with limitations, and exposes our entire strategy to an enemy that we’re actively at war with. I think it’s pretty disgusting that we openly displayed our playbook to ISIS, but I’m thankful that our President is taking ISIS more seriously.

Unfortunately, the proposed use in this bill is not going to keep us safe from ISIS, and ISIS will continue to threaten the lives of our families and communities all around us. We need a full scale war with ISIS, and that just won’t ever happen under the current administration.

Third reason we need to take steps to prepare for ISIS:

The United States has captured at least 10 ISIS fighters crossing the border from Mexico into Texas

According to Republican Duncan Hunter from California, the United States has already caught at least 10 ISIS fighters crossing over the border from Mexico to Texas.

If you haven’t watched the news clip, here it is. Take just 1 minute and 23 seconds of your time. It’s worth it to know.

It certainly stands to reason: if we KNOW that 10 ISIS fighters have been caught crossing the border from Mexico into Texas, then we absolutely know that others have traveled here successfully.

Now that’s a scary thought.

They’re here, and there’s more coming.

Fourth reason we need to take steps to prepare for ISIS:

The State Department’s “Refugee Resettlement Program” will let ISIS sneak in the “back door”

The House Committee on Homeland Security is challenging an Obama Administration plan to resettle refugees from the middle east.

According to Anne Richard, an Assistant Secretary of State, the State Department refugee program has resettled nearly 70,000 refugees from over 70 countries – and that was in 2013 alone! She goes on to say that this program has open doors for Syrian refugees to apply as well.


The State Department’s defended against the notion that they might be letting in terrorists was their solid “vetting process.” The State Department boasted of a very strong and rigorous vetting process that would always lead to identifying ISIS fighters attempting to gain access to the United States.

We simply cannot “vet” a terrorist out of an application system unless we know they’re a terrorist. How good can our information be considering that nature of chaos in Syria? There’s no way we could identify who is a “good” terrorist or a “bad terrorist.” Remember: BOTH sides of the Syrian Civil War are Islamic Fighters.

Watch the video above to hear why Congress is alarmed about this program!

Fifth reason we need to take steps to prepare for ISIS:

Our main stream media isn’t reporting on things that matter to our safety: it’s up to us to find out the truth

Why isn’t the press reporting on these occurrences like the 10 ISIS fighters coming across the border into Texas? I seriously don’t know.

Do you? Comment below.

Either way, I want you to react: I want you to join the movement: Get armed, get trained, and carry daily. Be prepared for anything at all times. Buy an AR15, ammunition, and learn how to use both.

Become as proficient with your carry gun as possible, and if you ever need to use it, don’t hesitate.

Do you agree that it’s time to take action and prepare for ISIS? Send me an email below with your thoughts.

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