Medical Doctor: Hillary May Have Parkinson’s Disease!

Medical Doctor: Hillary May Have Parkinson’s Disease!

I’m afraid to publish this… but it has to be shared!

Thanks to my friends Jim and Pat for sending me this video!

A medical doctor with 36 years of experience has created a YouTube video publishing his investigation into Hillary Clinton’s health. Although he’s not her practicing doctor, he does come to some pretty solid conclusions.

Dr. Ted Noel has scoured Hillary’s history to see if he could connect the dots with the symptoms Hillary has displayed, including:

  • Hillary fainting during speech in 2005
  • Hillary falling and breaking her elbow in 2009
  • Hillary suffering a concussion from a fall in 2012
  • Many more facts from Hillary’s past

Dr. Noel is looking at the public record and then seeing if there is a single story which can connect the dots. Watch his conclusion below.

Secret Service Whistleblower: We Know Hillary Has Parkinson’s!

On August 15th, InfoWars published an article which claims that a Secret Service source confirmed the following:

Hillary has a very serious neurological degeneration that has lead to:

  • The US Government has specially adapted three SUVs to provide lowered floors and disabled access to prevent Hillary from tripping (totaling about $500,000 bucks!)
  • Hillary can’t be around reporters because the camera flashes may trigger seizures
  • Hillary has problems with her balance, and finds walking up and down stairs challenging

Actual Brain Damage, Parkinson’s Disease, or Worse?

InfoWars published a video (below) which outlines other health issues Hillary Clinton may be facing.

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