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SCCY CPX 9MM 10 Round Magazine


Don’t forget to get extra magazines for your SCCY CPX-2! These magazines hold a whopping 10 rounds of 9mm – and hollow points feed perfectly!

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SCCY Industries CPX Series 9MM Pistol Magazine

One thing you can never have is too many magazines. Whether you’re wanting to go out to the range, or just carry a couple more along with your SCCY CPX 9MM pistol, thanks to SCCY we here at Florida Gun Supply have made purchasing new CPX magazines very easy. It doesn’t matter if you have the CPX-1 or the CPX-2, the TT (Two Tone) or the CB (Carbon Black) model, these mags will fit in any SCCY CPX series 9MM pistol. The other great thing that comes included with the new magazine, is the flat magazine base plate, just in case you don’t prefer the pinkey extension.

Common questions about the CPX Magazine:

How many rounds does the CPX Series magazine hold?

The magazine has the capacity of ten (10) rounds. If you have a full magazine, and one round in the chamber, you then have a total of 11 available rounds in your SCCY 9MM pistol.

Do I want the pinky extension?

That really is a comfort perspective. We would recommend trying both styles and see which set up feels the most comfortable to you.

How do I change the magazine floor base?

*You’ll want a small punch, or something similar to revmove the floor base.*
The process for changing the magazine floor base is the same if you already have the pinky extension or flat base installed.

    1. Make sure there are no rounds in the magazine.
    2. (I’m a righty) Taking the magazine, upside down in your left hand, place your thumb on the back corner of the magazine.

(Picture Coming Soon)

    1. Using your right hand and a small punch, or similar tool, depress the magazine spring detent. Apply light pressure with your left thumb towards the front of the magazine, so that the detent stays down out of the way. *DO NOT COMPLETELY REMOVE THE PLATE* remove the punch(or similar tool).
    2. Keeping your left thumb over the opening you are creating by removing the magazine base, completely remove the base plate.

(Picture Coming Soon)

  1. Keep pressure on the magazine spring
  2. Using the guide tracks on the magazine body and new style base plate of your choice, put a the plate back onto the magazine body.
  3. The plate should click into place if properly installed.

Want to see a video on how to change the SCCY CPX Series Magazine Base Plate?

(Video Coming Soon)

Description: SCY MAG CPX SERIES 9MM 10RD
Manufacturer: SCCY Industries
Model #: Magazine For CPX Series Pistols
Barrel Length:
Overall Length:
Caliber: 9MM
Capacity: 10
# of Mags:
Features: Bundles With A Finger Base & Flate Base Plate

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