Keep Your Home Safe with a Muslim Free Zone Yard Sign!

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The Muslim Free Zone yard sign is the ONLY tool you need to keep Muslims and ISIS out of your back yard! (You may want to try garlic and bacon, too!)

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Take a stand against Political Correctness – purchase your MUSLIM FREE ZONE yard sign today!

Because we’re not sheep, you and I know what’s happening in this country. We know that our politically correct leaders are not protecting us from radical Islam – because those pansies in Washington can’t even SAY the word “Islam.”

We’ll we’re not afraid.

Other items needed to ensure a proper Muslim Free Zone:

  • Bacon (remember garlic as well – if it works for vampires, maybe it’ll help!)
  • Bibles
  • Crosses
  • Live pigs (or you can always coat your property in pig oil)
  • More bacon

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