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Top 4 Reasons Why Gun Couples Argue

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Here are the top 4 reasons why gun couples argue

You’re a well trained gun nut with a lifetime membership to your local shooting range. You have a gun collection like no other, and are the type of guy who can name every gun from any major movie – ever.

You get annoyed when movies and TV show the villain or cops racking a round into the chamber of their guns right before they enter a new room, because you say to yourself, “Who the heck carries without a round in the chamber?”

She’s the best thing that ever happened to you. She enjoys shooting just as much as you do, but for some reason you just can’t seem to out-shoot her. She’s shot everything from Kel-Tec to Kimber, but settled on a Shield because of it’s ease of carry and beautiful contours and groves.

Yep, you’ve got a lot in common – but as in any relationship, conflict arises. If you put any two people in close quartered confinement for any amount of time, there’s bound to be strife.

We’ve talked to our readers and customers over the years, and we’ve compiled a list of the top 4 reasons why gun couples argue.

Enjoy reading, share with your friends, and comment below with the top arguments you have with your gun-loving spouse!



1. She might love guns, but she’ll never really understand: “Guns are to men what shoes are to women.”

Unless your girlfriend is a supernatural great American patriot whom lives, breaths, and sleeps all things firearms, she’ll never understand the concept that guns are to men what shoes are to women.

Sure, you love your girlfriend to death – but if you’re like most men, you may struggle to comprehend what is so difficult for her to understand.

I mean, sure, she likes to have up to three different pairs of shoes for any one outfit in her wardrobe, but hates that you have a different firearm for the different life situations you might experience?

What gives???

For instance, it’s not your fault that Glock 19 is great for snow-carry, or that your Taurus Protector Poly likes rain carry, or that your Kel-Tec P-11 excels at dust-storm carry. Who knew that carrying your M&P Shield during a drought would be so economical and easy, or that your Ruger LCR would be so awesome in sunny conditions.

And we haven’t even started talking about night carry!


2. You both want to carry the same gun.

Here’s a popular reason for those pro-gun couples to argue: you both want to carry the same gun.

It’s date night: that fantastic one night per week which you get to go out without cell phones to relax, enjoy each other’s company, and stoke those romantic feelings of being loved and loving one another.

This is your one night per week that you look forward to the most. You spend all week planning and thinking about what to wear how to do your hair, etc (yes, ladies, guys do this, too, but they just don’t admit it as readily as you do).

The decision about what to wear isn’t one to be taken lightly. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the right solution to the age old question:

  • What shirt shows off your muscles the best?
  • What shirt shows off your muscles the best and hides your carry piece the best?
  • Wait… which carry piece?
  • Should you go with your Bodyguard .380 for pocket carry, your Ruger LC9 for appendix carry, or your SCCY CPX-2 for capacity?
  • Would it be better to carry your Shield 9mm if you’re held hostage at the movie theater? But what if there’s a mass shooting event at dinner? What happens if there’s a terrorist attack on your way out the door, or civil unrest in your downtown metropolitan area?
  • The list goes on and on!

After endless debate on what shirt shows off your features the best, what hairstyle will make you more attractive, and what type of SHTF situations you two are most likely to encounter, you finally settle on your Ruger LC9 (striker fired of course!).

You merrily meander over to your safe and reach in to wake up the Ruger LC9s from it’s deep slumber. You want to cuddle with it before you take it out into the world. Excitedly you enter your combination and somehow manage to get your combination correct the third time – even with your palms shaking in delight.

You reach into the safe with your right hand, expecting to feel the rough texture of your Ruger LC9s: but you come up empty! AVAST!

Could it be true?

“Honey, would you happen to know where my Ruger LC9s would be?” You ask calmly praying that she had chosen a different gun. You already know the answer. The woman has selfishly taken it all for herself.

As she’s putting on her makeup, she non-nonchalantly responds, “I decided to carry it tonight because it fits so perfectly in my Coach purse!”

The pain you feel is real. We’re right here with you, brother. This is the number 2 reason why gun couples argue.


3. She doesn’t get why you won’t ever pick up your socks, but you clean your guns every time you shoot. All of your guns.

Seriously, gents, let’s face it: most women will never understand this from your point of view.

For the benefit of the few random women who might have stumbled across this article while spending time on Pinterest or Facebook, I’m going to attempt to sum up the difference between the socks and cleaning the guns.

The best way to understand the sock vs. clean guns issue came from a reader submission on a previous post. I’ll copy and paste here:

“The reason we don’t clean up our socks right away is because deep down, we know our spouses will eventually cave in and clean them up for us. But who else is going to clean our guns? It’s up to us! Sure, it might take 2 weeks straight to clean all 18 guns after we shoot them up at the range, but we do it because we care.”


4. Every time you remind her that she’s a woman (which means inherently awful driving skills), she reminds you that she can out shoot you.

We know, guys, this one hurts.

It’s OK to cry.

There’s nothing quite like the excruciating pain and humiliation you feel when you first took your lady friend out-shooting. You knew she would eventually come with you to the shooting range, but after the past year of pestering, begging, and bribery, she finally agreed.

The day had finally come.

You knew that she was a gun girl and that she also carried daily, but you still felt like she must be treated like a delicate flower. As you walked up to the shooting line together, you decided that the Ruger SR22 would be the best gun to start with. It was light, had super low recoil, and could be loaded and unloaded with very little upper body strength.

It was a perfect choice.

You set her all up with the Ruger SR22 and pulled out your trusty daily carry gun. As your significant other started to shoot, your showoff session began.

You squeezed off two or three perfectly grouped rounds because of your superior trigger pull, skills, and ego, but then started to get sloppy. You couldn’t keep up the pace with all 12 rounds of 9mm awesomeness, and ended up scattering rounds across the entire target.

You looked at her target in horror, and saw her grouping looked like this:


You relaxed enough to shrug it off as beginners luck, and handed her your Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .38 special. You thought to yourself, “she’ll never be able to out-shoot me with the double action trigger pull of that Bodyguard!”

But she did.

And then she out-shot you with your Beretta Nano (and she knew how to use it – even though there’s no slide stop! WTF?!), your Ruger LCP, and your SCCY CPX-2.

Then she finally twisted the knife by out-shooting you with your daily carry. Ouch.

Mr & Mrs Smith put things in perspective, huh?

Sure, there are a lot of things that gun couples argue over, but the real beauty is this: the arguments stay much more tame than non-gun couples.


Because. The movie you saw together on your second date (Mr & Mrs Smith) showed you what happens when arguments with gun couples get out of control.

I mean, sure, Mr and Mrs Smith were both secret agents fighting for the opposite interest group, but the point is valid: gun couples need to take extra care not to level their homes with fully automatic machine gun fire when things get out of hand.

What’s your most common gun-couple argument? Comment below, share, and subscribe!

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