Shocking Truth Behind Trump’s Locker Speech (Not what you think!)

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Google Trends: America┬áCares More About Hillary’s Wikileaks Problems than Donald Trump’s Locker Room Troubles!

Data doesn’t lie.

If anyone knows that, it’s me – I have a world class marketing background. I know how to reach people and to get my message across. I know how to get your attention. That’s why you’re reading this article right now.

In the world of marketing, businesses rise and fall over data.

Most people cannot be trusted. But numbers don’t lie.

Google Trends Exposes the Mindset of Millions of Americans

Google Trends is a wonderful way to find out what people are interested in. If a story is important to America, you’ll see it on Google Trends.


FACT: Americans are searching more often about Hillary’s Wikileaks troubles than Donald’s Locker Room Talk!


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