FSU Shooting: 103 Page Report Released

FSU Shooting: 103 Page Report Released

Here are the top 3 things you need to know about the shooting at FSU

On November 20th in 2014, a deranged lunatic named Myron May opened fire on unarmed students at FSU. The situation ended with Myron Mays being shot dead by campus police after he wounded 3 students. One of the students was paralyzed.

The police recently released a 103 page report detailing the events of this tragic crime. I’ve studied this document, and here are my thoughts. (Click here to download the whole document!)

FSU Shooting Fact #1: Myron Mays Was Mentally Ill

I haven’t necessarily seen proof of a diagnosis that Myron Mays was mentally ill, but I’ve certainly seen enough of this guy to know that he’s a lunatic.

He thought the government was torturing him and spying on him constantly, and was an avid follower of “targeted individual” groups.

Here’s an example of what groups like this believe:

We are held under constant satellite surveillance while being tortured, both psychologically and physically, in ways that make us appear “crazy” or “paranoid” if we dare to speak out or try to seek help.

Further, here’s another example of what they think:

   Through the past few decades, when we try to seek help we are often forced into positions where we have to accomplish the impossible task of proving our sanity, proving that these technologies really exist, and are being criminally used, and then proving that it is actually happening to us, WHILE WE ARE BEING TORTURED WITH MICROWAVE WEAPONS!


FSU Shooting Fact #2: The Cops Shot 35 Rounds at Myron

Sounds pretty excessive, huh?

I don’t think so. The cops knew this: a man with a gun had already shot unarmed students, and still had the gun on him. The bad guy with the gun refused to drop the gun, and was probably going to try to kill as many cops as he could as well.

There were 5 cops, each with Glock 22 .40 caliber pistols.

You do the math: on average, each cop shot 7 rounds. That makes perfect sense to me!


FSU Shooting Fact #3: Myron Mays Sought Media Attention

There is no doubt in my mind that Myron truly believed that the government was after him. I think he really thought that was true.

In a suicide letter he wrote to 10 people, he wrote:

“…but my goal is to garner some much-needed media attention to the plight of targeted individuals.”

Mays was seriously convinced that the only way for him to expose these “targeted individuals” and to get help for them was to shoot as many people as he could.

He was seriously delusional.

In this same suicide letter, he writes:

“…send a copy of this letter to Congress. My hope is that if enough people take a genuine concern into the struggles of targeted individuals, then Congress will have to do something to stop it once and for all. Not like the false machinations of stopping it that took place in the 70’s with COINTELPRO. I apologize for putting this responsibility on you guys. But you are the people that I know and trust. I am confident that Ms. Mitchell will not allow my story to die.”

This guy was Looney Tunes.

FSU Shooting Fact #3: Guns Saved the Day in This Case

Think about it.

Had the FSU Police Officers not had guns, more people would have hurt or killed. Myron would have seen to that. Had the FSU Police officers not been properly trained to use their firearms in self defense, more people would have died. Myers wanted to kill as many people as possible.

In this situation, firearms and good training saved lives. Thank you, FSU Police, for training your officers and allowing them to carry firearms.

Guns did save the day here, and luckily no lives were lost. But what if other students were allowed to carry?

FSU Shooting Fact #4: Myron Mays Sought Media Attention

Comment Below: If Students Had Been Allowed to Carry Concealed on Campus, Would Myron Have Caused As Much Damage?

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