Stand up for the American Flag by entering to win this FREE T-Shirt!

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T-Shirt Giveaway

Enter to Win If This Flag Offends You, I’ll Help You Pack T-Shirt!

A T-Shirt will be given away everyday for a limited time! Watch on Facebook to see the winners!

What’s the catch?

There is no catch. We are just down right tired of people burning and disgracing the American Flag! If you have a problem with the American Flag and what this country stands for, we will help you pack!

Are you going to spam the crap out of my email?

Of course not. Unsubscribe anytime, but we bet you won’t! Our emails are friggin’ awesome.

Will we shipped the t-shirt if you’re not local?

Gladly, we want to spread our message across America! Enough is enough if you don’t like the American Flag than get out!

33 thoughts on “Stand up for the American Flag by entering to win this FREE T-Shirt!

  1. I entered and shared with my Vietnam Veteran friends and former coworkers that feel as strongly as I do about our flag and tired of sending millions to counties that hate us and want to harm us.

  2. I need an xxxlg. I am a Warrior of the Living God, Jesus Christ.
    I believe in my right to bare arms, and protect my family. I believe in and stand for the American Flag and our Constitution! Praise God and pass the Ammo!

  3. My fingers are crossed! I really want to win this shirt! I will wear it proudly here in the Shenandoah Valley! I would even send you pictures of people who respond to my shirt! BTW: Twitter would not let me post because it was over 140 characters! I hate Twitter! Florida Gun Supply Rocks!

  4. Love you guys! The truth only hurts those at fault. Keep up the good work and be safe! I wish you guys could travel all around the states and tell it like it is!

  5. Love your shirt. Hope I win one, but if I don’t could you tell me where I can buy one. Want to “Make American Great Again.”

  6. Long Live America!!!
    Trump for president!!
    Hillary for prison!
    Praise God!!
    Love the 2nd!!!
    My shirt size is a men’s small!

  7. I won’t do an Instagram follow EVER. I had an account with them until the first of this month (September 2016) but they shut down my account. They DEMANDED my phone number for MY security they claimed, and I refused, and they would not let me access my account with out it. The next day they deleted my account without ANY chance for me to even discuss the matter with them.

    It is up to me to decide what is best for MY security, and since they demanded my number, what they said was really not for my sake, but their use, and I REFUSE to go along with such a disingenuous based demand. Quite frankly, it pissed me off to the point I have resolved to tell the world about their BS behavior. I get enough of the BS from Facebook and Twitter, and have reached my BS lifetime quota!

    I have no problem giving my number for giveaways and such, as it is needed to contact me if I win. But I don’t won’t tolerate social media websites making demands on me when they LIE about the purpose of the demand. I frankly don’t care to be contacted by those websites via phone if there is an issue. Email contact is quite alright with me and I don’t have good phone reception where I live. I have to go to a higher elevation at times to even get a phone signal, and cell phone notifications and text messages do not always get delivered to me in a timely fashion due to that. But cable modem internet does work in real time, and is not affected by spotty signals. If I have a problem with a website, I need to contact to be reliable and my phone service is NOT reliable. Nor is a giving a landline number useful to me when traveling. Damn liberals!

    1. Yikes! That certainly is no fun! I agree – privacy is important, but in the age of the internet, the only way to be private it to completely disconnect from the grid. Long live the Republic, Rex!

      1. While privacy is part of the picture, a practical and reliable means of communication with the websites is as important to me, and phone communication is not reliable considering my circumstances. I can access my email from anywhere via the internet, but may not have phone reception where I am when there is a problem. Since Instagram refused to even let me discuss the matter, I REFUSE to give them my business or support in ANY fashion.

  8. By coincidence, yesterday I found similar shirts, with a flag and the same wording, in a shop in a Northwest Arkansas resort town. Naturally I bought one! Now I see I could have a chance to WIN one! You guys are alright!

    1. Glad people like you are sticking up for this country. I had to ask a woman to leave our Intro to Firearms Class last week because she wouldn’t stand for the Pledge with the rest of us. I have the right to refuse service, and I do often. Out of the 17,000 students that I’ve had in my FREE Concealed Carry Class, I’ve never had a SINGLE person stay seated for the flag. Long live the Republic, Mike!

  9. you were right on making her LEAVE and she is the same person who will never help others when they are in need of anything not anything to do but what you did.did she let the door hit her hard in the butt as she left running givin you the 1 finger salute and call you names also or im callin the NRA and complain to them about the unfair treatment you gave her? have a great day!

  10. Way to go people, we will make America Great Again no matter how the election turned out. Stand for the flag or get the hell out of this country .
    Too many people died to fly old glory and will die again to keep her flying.

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