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Anti-Advertising: 3 Types of People Who Shouldn’t Take My FREE Concealed Carry Class

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FREE Concealed Carry Classes (Unless you’re one of these…)

Are you this kind of person? Don’t take my concealed carry class!

So, I’m starting a new radio ad. I’m not selling guns or ammunition in this ad: I’m only trying to get the word out about my FREE concealed carry class. The class USED to be $85 per person, but if people cover my hard costs like Insurance and Gun Rentals, I’m giving the class itself for FREE.

I’ll be reaching a completely new market than I usually reach with my Facebook videos – so I expect a large amount of people to sign up to take my class.

Here’s a copy of this my new radio ad:

Hey, listen up. I’ve spent the last 5 years in the gun world developing a completely unique firearm training method that will has successfully trained over 20,000 people. If you can physically hold a gun, my team can give you the training you need to ensure that your family and community stay safe. My hands-on approach is guaranteed to work for you. I invite you to join the 1.4 million conealed carry permit holders here in Florida by signing up for my concealed carry class. Class used to be $85 bucks, but if you cover my hard costs like Insurance and Gun Rental, I’ll give you the class FREE for a VERY limited time. Signup now atwww.fgsradio.com My name is Andy with Florida Gun Supply, and my message is to Get armed. Get trained. Carry daily, and visit www.fgsradio.com right now

I don’t want the wrong people to sign up – so I’ve created a list of the top 3 types of people who SHOULD NOT take my FREE Concealed Carry Class!

The method that I’ve used to train 20,000 of the 1.4 million concealed carry permit holders here in Florida is unlike any other training method available to the public. It’s taken me 5 years to create this hands-on training approach. I’ve literally trained more people in Florida than any other instructor I’ve ever met – and these radio ads may bring us to the next level.

I don’t want the wrong crowd to sign up for my free class – so here’s my list of the top 3 people who should NOT take this class.


Anti-Advertising #1: Don’t sign up for my concealed carry class if you’re voting for Hillary Clinton. Get your permit elsewhere.

Because… if you don’t own a brain, you shouldn’t own a gun.


Hillary Clinton has been attacking the 2nd amendment for years. No matter what you hear “progressives” or “liberals” say – Hillary Clinton doesn’t support the 2nd amendment, and she DOES want to take away your guns.

EXAMPLE VIDEO 1 “If there IS a 2nd amendment…”

EXAMPLE VIDEO 2 “Take back the 2nd amendment…” then replay slower and with effects

The only thing we support Hillary doing is going to prison. If you’re voting for her, don’t sign up for my free concealed carry class.

Anti-Advertising #2: Don’t sign up for my concealed carry class if you are racist or hate the American Flag.

Flag stomping, freedom-hating, left wing “progressives” or “liberals” need to go find a “safe place” surrounded by a sea of politically correctness – not my concealed carry class. I’m looking for patriot PEOPLE – not SHEEPLE who believe in the truthfulness of the main stream media. If you’ve burned an American Flag, know someone who has, have ever met someone who has, have a room mate who has, or who ever WOULD burn a flag, then steer clear of my gun shop.

It’s not wise to upset a wookie.

Anti-Advertising #3: Don’t sign up for my concealed carry class if you won’t stand for the Pledge of Allegiance for the National Anthem.

You’ll wish you had.

(Trey video)

2 thoughts on “Anti-Advertising: 3 Types of People Who Shouldn’t Take My FREE Concealed Carry Class

  1. Damn I wish I still lived in Inverness where I live here in OK. the only shooting range is on my wife’s family’s property and it is unsuitable to fire my rifles I can do it but only at a little over pistol range. I love your posts Andy keep up the good fight. Oh yeah prepare to become a millionaire if (God forbid) Hillary steals the election I would have put lol but it’s no laughing matter.

    1. Hey Dale! We wish you lived closer, too! I only have a pistol range at the moment, but soon I hope to build a rifle range. It’s just about money! I hope Hillary doesn’t get elected – Trump all the way! I’ve posted some really great information on my blog – check it out! https://www.floridagunsupply.com/blog

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