Facebook Empire Out of Control: Bans 2A Page for Hillary Health Post!

Facebook Empire Out of Control: Bans 2A Page for Hillary Health Post!

Facebook bans our entire Facebook page: Until we delete story exposing Hillary’s health!

In another blatant example of censorship, Facebook used it’s mighty power to hide a story about Hillary Clinton’s health.

Yesterday, I published an article titled, “Medical Doctor: Hillary May Have Parkinson’s Disease.” I was worried about the Facebook censorship, because Facebook has a history of censoring posts against Hillary Clinton. In fact, all the tech giants do.

Last year, Sourcefed exposed Google’s censorship of websites that were blatantly anti-Hillary.

When I posed the article, I thought there was a higher-than-normal chance of getting a penalty from Facebook, so I logged out of my backup account (my primary Facebook account is already banned – and Facebook won’t even tell me why), and I logged into my “high-risk” account.

My “high-risk” account is a Facebook account I ONLY use when I’m posting about the types of topics Facebook will censor free speech for.

Facebook has banned me in the past for speaking out or asking hard questions about the following topics:

  • Hillary Clinton
  • Muslims
  • Radical Islam

Why Facebook censorship matters

Our 1st amendment protects you and I from retaliation by the government for language that the government doesn’t like. In this country, the 1st amendment protects everything except threat speech – which is important!

The 1st amendment is so strong, in fact, that it’s actually legal in America to create and sell targets in the image of Hillary Clinton! (Which you can find for sale here: www.bernietargets.com)

The 1st amendment only protects us against government censorship: no from private businesses censoring us.

Facebook has every right to censor anything they want: but they are using this right to sway public opinion, grow beyond their reach, and give even more control to the establishment.

The original post: I was quite sure I would get banned!

So, when I posted the original post on our Florida Gun Supply Facebook page, the post looked similar to this:

This is a similar post to the one I posted on the Florida Gun Supply Facebook page.
This is a similar post to the one I posted on the Florida Gun Supply Facebook page.

Facebook takes censorship action: Read Facebook’s reason!


Facebook came up with a really lame reason. “We don’t allow the unauthorized sale of firearms or explosives. Last I checked, being a licensed gun dealer means that I AM authorized to sell firearms. In fact, I had to be background checked, interviewed by the ATF, and be TRAINED by the Federal Government of the United States of America in order to get my Federal Firearms License (FFL.)

How I got my Facebook page unpublished

I deleted the post about Hillary Clinton’s health.

Within minutes of complying with Facebook’s censorship, I received this notification:


Facebook will eventually ban our ENTIRE Facebook page: Enter to win a FREE T-Shirt below so you can stay connected when they do!

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  • Woody Reply

    The media’s can do whatever they want and not get censored.
    Why then does others, Florida Gun Supply, get censored?
    I really am tired of all the twisted, contorted, political influenced statements from the media. I am 71 years old and am saddened to see this happen. In all my years, I have never seen it this bad. God help us.

    October 11, 2016 at 9:09 am

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