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Top 5 Things You Need to Know About the San Fran Terrorist

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Once Again, the Main Stream Media is Censoring the REAL Story!

Although my haters are going to have placed bets on how fast I would create a “fear mongering” response to the news of a former Marine Sniper turned Islamic Terrorist stopped by the FBI before executing a violent terrorist attack.

The real reason I’m spending my Friday night writing about this guy is simple: the main stream media is not telling the truth about who this guy is.

There’s no money to be made with this article.

But the truth matters.

#5:  Everitt Aaron Jameson was raised Christian but converted to Muslim.

According to his father, Everitt Aaron Jameson was raised as a Christian. At some point, Everitt’s father explains that he would argue with his son about Jesus Christ being the “only begotten Son.”

Everitt claimed that Jesus Christ was just a prophet – not the Son of God.

Everitt’s father, “Everitt converted to Islam about a year ago. I always used to make fun of him because he would always say, ‘it’s time to pray,’ and bust out his little beanie and prayer mat.”

#4:  Everitt Aaron Jameson showed many warning signs of being a radical Islamic Extremist.

From 9/11 to the Hillary e-mail scandal, and now to the fake “Trump/Russia Investigation,” the FBI has proven that they are a useless, incompetent agency.

The fact that they foiled this guy’s terrorist plot before it happened means only ONE THING: Everitt Jameson was bragging on social media about his upcoming terrorist plot.

According to his father, Everitt would post radical propaganda on Facebook. When confronted by his father, Everitt would defend himself saying, “I’m a Muslim, Dad. I’m a Muslim.”

#3:  Everitt Aaron Jameson recently lost parental rights of his children.

Every good parent knows two things:

  1. Child services are NOT the enemy of a good parent (and are most often welcomed when others file FRAUDULENT reports on good parents)
  2. It takes a LOT of repeat bad behavior to permanently lose parental rights of your children.

This must have been a pretty bad dude.

#2:  Everitt Aaron Jameson’s wife was in jail – possibly for attacking Everitt with a knife!

Every sentence that comes out of Everitt’s father’s mouth is dripping with one main idea: “Everitt is a victim.”

This father does nothing but make excuses and victimize his son. It seems that everyone is out to get his son. Everitt’s mother, wife, FBI, and child services all are against his perfect son.

Nonsense. This guy was bad news.

#1:  Everitt Aaron Jameson had a horrible relationship with every single person in his life.

Everitt’s own father didn’t even know when his son moved out.

He didn’t know basic information about Everitt.

Here’s what we know from Gordon Everitt:

  • Everitt didn’t get along with his own mother for a long time
  • Everitt was bitter about losing his kids
  • Everitt had a crazy ex-wife (or did she know he was crazy??)

WATCH: Unedited Raw Video of Father Gordon Jameson’s Interview

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