WARNING: Dangerous Epidemic That ONLY Affects Gun Owners!

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As the owner of the most famous gun store in America, I get to meet a ton of people from every walk of life.

I meet people in all ages, firearm skill levels, knowledge, and temperaments. I meet everyone from little old ladies just getting into the firearm hobby to muscle-bound macho men who carry guns to feed their ego.

By far, my favorite people to talk to are people with zero gun knowledge whatsoever. My favorite people are the noobies. The gun babies. These people are excited, timid, and looking to expand both their knowledge and firearm skill set.

Truth: “Gun know-it-alls” are a growing problem in the gun world

All too often in the gun world, there is an unfortunate (but undeniable) correlation between how much firearm training or knowledge a person has and the level of “jackassness” the person exhibits.

Take a look at the chart below for clarification.


Signs that you are in close proximity to a gun “know it all”

Evasive action is needed immediately if you experience:

  • Anyone telling you a .22LR doesn’t have enough “stopping power” to be a good self-defense carry gun
  • Gun sales people who don’t give you the time of day or act like you’re impeding on their day when you walk into the gun shop
  • If you’re a woman, watch for anyone who tells you that the bad guy will “take your gun away and use it on you”
  • Any person who tells you a Glock is your ONLY choice when buying a gun

Remember – “Gun know-it-all syndrome” is contagious! Take these steps when confronted with one!

If you experience anyone who acts in the above manner, please take the following steps:

  1. Stop what you are doing immediately
  2. Back away from the “gun know-it-all” and look for the nearest exit
  3. If you experienced the “gun know-it-all” at a gun store, warn the rest of the world via Facebook reviews, Tweeting, or by picketing outside of their establishment
  4. Call Florida Gun Supply to report the human-rights violation before it’s too late – we will take action to quarantine these people immediately!

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