Why I Choose ECCT & Andro Corp as My Home Defense Gun

Why I Choose ECCT & Andro Corp as My Home Defense Gun

East Coast Custom Tactical & Andro Corp: Both Excellent AR15 Builders

My good friends over at East Coast Custom Tactical and Andro Corp have recently joined forced with our team here at Florida Gun Supply to offer some really awesome, exclusive deals to our customers. Here’s why I love these guys.

Based about 20 minutes from us in Wildwood, Florida, East Coast Custom Tactical can do some pretty cool looking work to your AR15 – and you can trust their equipment with your life.

Andro Corp is the same – minus the fancy colors. These guys build some excellent custom AR15s, AR pistols, and much more – and their custom work is par none.

I personally have an East Coast Custom Tactical AR15 lower, with an Andro Corp pistol upper as my own home defense gun. Owning a gun shop, I make sure I use a gun I can trust to defend my castle under even the most extreme of circumstances.

I’m sure you do the same with your home defense gun.

(Don’t forget to comment below and let me know both what you carry and use for home defense – and why you choose those guns!)

Reason #1 That I Trust East Coast Custom Tactical & Andro Corp: Quality


I’ve owned a few East Coast Custom Tactical AR-15s for the last few years now. The one I currently use for home defense is a sweet looking blue, looks awesome, and currently has an Andro Corp AR-pistol upper. It’s a good looking gun, and I tend to keep it within reach at all times.

I chose the AR15 platform for home defense based on two things:

  • The absolute need for ultimate reliability (feel free to comment below about the endless debate between AK-47s and AR15s – bah humbug!)
  • There is nothing more American than an AR15. ‘Merica.

Do a quick Google search for ECCT’s or Andro Corp’s competition, and you’re going to find some heated complaints about the quality of some other AR15s. You can’t seam to find any on these companies. There’s no assembly line at either shop. They don’t just push these AR15s out the door.

East Coast Custom Tactical and Andro Corp are AR15 builders who take their time to produce quality products.

Reason #2 That I Trust Andro Corp & East Coast Custom Tactical: Values

If you read East Coast Custom Tactical’s “About Us” page, you’ll notice a few interesting videos and some inspirational quotes to go along with it. Andro Corp has two main qualities they base their business on: quality and integrity.

These AR15 builders take pride in their work – which means that they are a different breed of AR15 builders.

I don’t spend my time writing up reviews about just any company. I only speak highly of companies that I’m truly impressed with – but when I’m impressed, I rave – and I try to get as many of my customers the same quality firearms that I get for myself.

Remember Enfield Rifle Company’s MERC415? We produced a really awesome video testing our their new MERC-415 AR15. (Boy was that fun!)

Check it out below.


Reason #3 That I Like Andro Corp & East Coast Custom Tactical: Customization

Like I mentioned before, my personal AR15 home defense gun is a pretty cool shade of blue, and it was done by East Coast Custom Tactical. It makes the gun more… me. Not only that, but it literally makes the gun easier to see at night – which is a very welcome side effect of my own customization from ECCT.

One of the cooler parts of East Coast Custom Tactical products: they can literally cater to your every design wish. You can add whatever colors, designs, engraving, or other customization that you want.

Check out some of their cool designs:



Andro Corp, on the other hand, doesn’t do a whole lot of the coloring, coating, or decorating of your AR15. They just make darn good solutions that are extremely dependable in a SHTF situation. Their AR15 parts and complete kits are truly fantastic.

Reason #4 That I Trust East Coast Custom Tactical & Andro Corp: Reliability

Home defense guns just have to work. There’s just no two ways around it. Either you can trust them with your life – and the lives of your family – or you can’t.

For those who are interested, here’s a history of how my home defense AR15 pistol came to be.

Although I’ve always chosen a firearm to be my defense method of choice for home protection, I’ve alternated my firearm of choice from time to time. Different situations call for different home defense guns.

As my life situations changed, so did my choice of home defense gun. Makes sense, right?

I went through a few home defense guns – firearms like the Armscor/Rock Island Armory M5 12 guage shotgun, the Smith & Wesson M&P 9C (which is my daily carry gun), or the Mossberg JIC Cruiser 12 guage shotgun.

The Smith & Wesson M&P 9c is my daily carry.
The Smith & Wesson M&P 9c is my daily carry.

I fire every gun that I choose for home defense extensively. I do this both because I want to be proficient with my home defense gun, but also because I want to make sure I can rely on that firearm.

A jam-o-matic isn’t a good home defense gun. It makes a better anchor.

(Ever had a dream where you tried to use your gun in self defense and the gun jams? Yeah, that’s not a fun dream, and real life would be worse, right?)

So, when I started Florida Gun Supply, more and more people became aware that I owned a gun shop. That’s good news for the gun shop and for selling firearms, but potentially bad news for my safety.

In an abundance of caution, I decided to step up my home defense gun from a shotgun or pistol to an AR15.

I’m not worried about meth-heads – they won’t try anything – but really bad guys have bullet proof vests, and it would suck if all I had was a 9mm or 12 gauge.

(Head-shots only I suppose?)

Anyway, when I switched to an AR15 for my home defense gun, I first went with the full East Coast Custom Tactical build. I fired it often to make sure I was extremely proficient with it, and to make sure I could trust my life with that gun. I got to know the gun inside and out.

To this day, it never let me down.andro-corp

Again due to my situation changing, I later realized that a full sized AR15 was just too long for my home defense gun. I wouldn’t be able to maneuver very well in the dark without bumping the longer barrel into things, and I wasn’t ever going to use the longer barrel for long-range accuracy.

I started looking around for AR15 pistol uppers. I chose Andro Corp’s 7.5″ Complete Upper Assembly.

I chose Andro Corp for my AR15 pistol upper because the owner is a friend of mine, and I’ve known him to produce some really high quality stuff. Like ECCT, the folks over at Andro Corp are some people you can count on to set you up with a high quality build.

(BTW: My girlfriend, my sales manager, his girlfriend, and I are all building AR15s right now – and our uppers are going to be coming from Andro Corp as well!)

I went with the 7.5″ complete AR15 upper assembly for a few reasons:

  • When defending your castle, you may need to get around corners pretty quickly. Having a shorter barrel makes it much easier to move throughout your house. Also, it makes you feel like a ninja. A bad-ass ninja.
  • If it’s strictly a home defense gun like mine is, you will never have a need to shoot long distances while defending your castle. You need to be able to stop a threat in close quarters – with or without body armor on.

That’s what Andro Corp does. If you need an AR15 upper assembly or an AR15 pistol upper, check out our listings of the Andro Corp upper assemblies.

Questions About Andro Corp, East Coast Custom Tactical, or AR15s in General? Reach out.

I’m a guy that’s pretty easy to get in touch with. If you have questions about anything I’ve written about Andro Corp, East Coast Custom Tactical, or even just home defense guns in general – feel free to reach out to me.

Commenting below is the easiest and fastest way to hear back from me.

Feel free to explain your current situation and I’d be happy to help point you to the best carry gun or home defense gun for your particular situation. I mean, I own a gun shop, so I must know at least something… 🙂

You can email me at andy@floridagunsupply.com, Tweet, Facebook, call the shop at 352.270.3087, or catch us on Live Chat right here on the site.

Keep safe!

Owner, Florida Gun Supply

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  • Robert Dzink Reply

    bought a ar-15 from the good old boys at andro corp about 2 months ago from my home town dealer,reason being he told me he had a new toy and to cool my heels,i’ll be right back low and behold he busts out a andro ar-15 fully loaded with sig red dot and hl-1 streamlight,took my toy home and hammered the piss out of Josh’s ar 16″ platform 5.56/223 I love ANDRO CORP!! No issues what so ever, Highly recommend Andro Corp.

    November 19, 2021 at 10:42 pm

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