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Top 6 Things NEVER to Do at a Gun Shop

Posted On September 7, 2016 at 9:29 pm by / 3 Comments

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This video is not only one of most viewed videos, but it is probably our funniest. What makes this video so uniquely hilarious is that it is so true! Not only do we experience people like this every single day, but I can guarantee you every other gun shop knows exactly the people that are being described in this video.

Gun Shop Bad Idea #6: “Take It Away Because I’m a Woman”


All too often, macho men convince women that they shouldn’t pursue firearm lessons or getting their concealed carry permits because a guy will come along and “take the gun away” from the woman.

Please don’t be one of those customers that assume that being a female will make you a victim. What makes you a victim is when you don’t get armed, get trained, and carry daily. Here at Florida Gun Supply we make sure you’re able to defend yourself and not be the victim. (Check out our Women Without Fear Group)

Gun Shop Bad Idea #5: “Trust Me – It’s Unloaded!”


This isn’t just a lesson for a gun store – this is a lesson for LIFE. We always need to check a firearm to make sure it’s unloaded. Every time we are handed a gun, or every time we pick up a gun, we need to cycle the action to make sure it’s unloaded.

We are sure that every gun shop has encountered this scenario. It’s not that we don’t “trust” you, but…we don’t trust you. Every gun shop should check every firearm that walks just to be on the safe side.

Gun Shop Bad Idea #4: “Do you have a holster for this?”


Look, we know everyone needs a holster for their gun. And we are more than happy to help you find the right holster for your gun, you don’t need to whip out your gun and point it in our face to get service.

Gun Shop Bad Idea #3: “Husband Says”


There is nothing more exciting for us than to have a first time gun owner come in and look around. We even keep our guns on display on the counter for you to feel the gun in your hands. But for the love of all that is holy, please…please stop ruining our firing pins!

Gun Shop Bad Idea #2: “Call of Duty Guy”


Let me just explain, that these kinds of people are a special breed. The kind of people we are talking about are the ones who can’t tell the difference between the real world and video games. Oh just to be clear, no we will not sell you a firearm!

Gun Shop Bad Idea #1: NEVER DO THIS!




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The Top 6 Things NEVER to Do a Gun Shop

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