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Introducing: Florida Gun Supply’s Domestic Defense Survival Club

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Be Prepared for ANY Emergency: Join Florida Gun Supply’s Domestic Defense Survival Club Today!

When the s*** hits the fan… our community must remain strong. Come out to meet with us on the FIRST Thursday of every month at 6PM!

The disturbing reality of our country is that we are completely headed in the wrong direction, and it’s scary. If you’ve been thinking about becoming a prepper, now is the time.

Florida Gun Supply has dedicated it’s entire operation to arming and preparing a country for whatever future may come. We’re facing a world in which terrorism reigns unchecked, Iran is closer daily to a nuclear missile, and our own government is slowly turning against it’s citizens.

Our country is divided more than it ever has been since the civil war: and bad things are coming.

Get prepared.

What is the Domestic Defense Survival Club?

Our Domestic Defense Survival Club is a club of like-minded Patriots who are willing to not only get armed, get trained, and carry daily, but whom are also interested in ensuring their own future (and the future of those around them.)

Every Domestic Defense Survival Club meeting contains the following elements:

  • Group survival training activities
  • Gear showcase
  • Group shooting exercises

What does it cost to join the Domestic Defense Survival Club?

Right now, our Domestic Defense Survival Club is being run based off of donations only. We do not currently have membership dues, but we do encourage Patriots to donate during these events to keep us running.

As always, we do ask you to support Florida Gun Supply by purchasing your firearms, ammunition, survival gear, and training through us.

When Does the Domestic Defense Survival Club meet?

We meet on the first Thursday of every month for the classroom training, and we meet on the following Sunday at 2PM for the group shooting activities.

How old do I have to be to join the Domestic Defense Survival Club?

As always, Florida Gun Supply has no age limits to participate in our activities. We do our best to ensure that every club, class, or activity we provide to our Patriots is family friendly.

We encourage the entire family to get involved in the Domestic Defense Survival Club: because whatever we are preparing for will not discriminate by age.

Sign up now to attend our FIRST Domestic Defense Survival Club Meeting on Thursday, August 6th from 6-8PM!


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