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Cultural Cleansing Continues: Black Mayor Wants “Racist” Highway Name Changed (In Honor of Obama!)

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Stalin. Hitler. ISIS. They all participated in “cultural cleansing.”

As predicted, the liberal politicians are trying to re-write America’s history!

As predicted in my 10 minute min-documentary above, Mayor Thomas Masters is attempting to rename the “racist” Old Dixie Highway to “Barack Obama Highway.”

In a report by the Washington Times today, the ridiculous Mayor Masters declared, “Each member will vote Yay or Nay to rid this city of a street name that still invokes memories of racism and slavery in the Old South.” (emphasis added)

Are you as outraged as we are? Fill out this form below and it will send an email DIRECTLY to Mayor Thomas Masters and tell him to STOP this horrible idea!

Studies show that 40% of Americans are no longer proud to be American – are YOU Still Proud?

I am leading a community of like minded patriots to get armed, get trained, carry daily, and stand up for America.

This is STILL the greatest country on the planet – but if we don’t fight for her, she’ll wither away into nothingness. The Founding Fathers would never have allowed America to come to the point we’ve come to.

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Click here to support Florida Gun Supply’s Still Proud movement by buying your own Still Proud shirt!

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