Top 10 Reasons Why You Need to Come Fishing with Me on Saturday

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need to Come Fishing with Me on Saturday

This was a week from H-e-(double-hockey-sticks!)

Have you ever had a week where anything that could go wrong did go wrong?

Yeah, that was this kind of week.

We lost two employees without two-weeks notice (I’m working on a video about that right now!), I lost my full time job (also in the video), and we hired two new people (the French Guy and Lila – whom you’ll love as much as I do!)

On top of all this, we’ve had:

  • A booth at the fishing tournament on Saturday
  • A booth at the Inverness Fair this week (come see us and try to OUTSHOOT THE FRENCH GUY with our laser gun game: bet you that you can’t!)
  • Our fishing trip on Saturday (woot woot, RSVP below!)

So yeah, it’s 10:19PM on Monday night, and I just got the boys into bed. Jamie is working, so they were running around the fair with me. Special thanks to the French Guy, Katie, Lila, Tom, and our volunteers for this event: couldn’t have done this without you all giving America 110%.

The “Florida Gun Supply 2.0” team is a kick-ass team who loves America. Each person has brought their own experience to the team:

  • The French Guy (I don’t think we really know his real name) is a retail genius matched only by his world class people skills. He’s also passionate about stepping up and making a difference in our battle against ISIS. He used to hate guns, but took my class a few weeks before ISIS hit Paris. Those were his streets, ISIS, and he has a score to settle. This guy is the real deal, people, and I want him by my side. (I just need to figure out how to afford him!!!!)
  • Katie is our new community outreach manager. In her first week, she’s set up a free gun giveaway for women only. If you’ve signed up for our free gun giveaway and you don’t have a permit to carry yet, expect a call from Katie trying to push you along in that process. It’s time to get armed, get trained, and carry daily. Katie has more connections than anyone I’ve ever met, is great with people, and a red-blooded American Patriot.
  • Lila is the brains of the operation. I’ve known Lila a long time, and she’s one of the strongest people I’ve ever met.  I think that pretty much comes from being a veteran of our armed services: they make boys into men and women into true ladies. Lila keeps us all in line and on task: and she knows how to manage a business. Lila has become the backbone of the Florida Gun Supply team, and her understanding of how businesses should run is crucial to us being able to change America.
  • Tom is the only person on the staff who is a gun expert. He’s the kinda guy you look at and think, “Huh. That whole ‘once-a-Marine-always-a-Marine’ thing kinda makes sense now.” This man is a soldier and will do everything he can for America. That’s why he’s working at Florida Gun Supply: Tom literally bleeds American flags. I’ve seen it. He’s as American as they come, and there’s nobody whom you want fighting for America more than this guy.

These are the greatest people I’ve ever met. Come down and meet them sometime.

Anyways, before I got off on the rant about my new team, I was going to start talking about our fishing trip. You WOULD have been seeing this all on a video right now instead of reading, but my microphone failed me and we lost all audio for the past 3 days of filming.

It was that kind of week.

Reason #1 You Should Come Fishing with Me on Saturday: America is a terrible thing to waste.


73% of Americans believe that America is headed in the wrong direction. I completely agree. We’ve been seeking “hope and change” for so long that we elected someone whom we thought would bring change.

I’m proud to say that I didn’t vote for Obama: but the vast majority of my generation did. They never bothered to research the guy: because if they had, they would have seen how dangerous this guy was.

We are in the position we are in for ONE REASON: inaction at a grassroots level. That means you and me, pal. The reason our country is in the shape it’s in is because of US – not THEM.

Reason #2 You Should Come Fishing with Me on Saturday: You and I are the only solution to America’s problems.

I mean, let’s face it. We can’t change what our politicians are doing in Washington unless they HEAR us. We need to be LOUD. They’re clearly not listening to the American public while we go about our usual day to day lives complaining about them: so we need to take ACTION.

Put your money where your mouth is. Step up and take action.


Reason #3 You Should Come Fishing with Me on Saturday: We need ALL of America to hear our message: NOT JUST POLITICIANS!

“Barack Obama is the first president in more than five decades to win at least 51 percent of the national popular vote twice…” Bloomberg

The bottom line: America wanted Obama to be their president. They got their wish! What did they get?

  • Way more DIVISION – even though Obama campaigned on UNITY!
  • Higher taxes (did your taxes go UP or down this year?)
  • More, more, and MORE attacks on our 2nd amendment (I’ll bet you STILL can’t find any .22 ammo, right??!)
  • More government scandals than ever before (if you don’t know the story of Benghazi, the IRS scandal, or others, then PLEASE go do some research!)
  • Pay cuts or hours cut due to Obamacare
  • The most dangerous borders in the history of the United States
  • Illegal immigrants have now become LEGAL. Who’s idea was that??

In order for us to have REAL change in America, we need to UNITE with ONE VOICE and ONE MESSAGE. America needs to be informed and educated: and we are the ONLY people who can inform our friends, families, and neighbors. That’s what a movement is, and that’s why Florida Gun Supply started in the first place.

Reason #4 You Should Come Fishing with Me on Saturday: This “we the people” thing is a big deal. It’s time we used it.


When our founding fathers wrote the 2nd amendment, they didn’t write it so that some company could sell you a 2nd amendment bumper sticker that made you feel like a REAL American.

They wrote the 2nd amendment to protect all the others.

The founding fathers were pretty smart guys. They knew that America would start drifting down a bad path; and they were smart enough to recognize that it would take people like you and I setting America straight.

The whole, “We the people” thing is a real serious idea. You and I have the power to bring REAL hope and change to America. It’s time to use it.

Reason #5 You Should Come Fishing with Me on Saturday: You and I are the only hope America has for a better future.

It doesn’t matter if you and I vote the way we vote: what matters is what the rest of America is going to do with those valuable votes. We need to UNITE with ONE VOICE on these issues and bring real change to this country. Every vote counts, but it takes a whole bunch of them to make a difference.

You and I “get it.” We’re on the same page about the message that America needs to hear: but we need MORE people to understand our message.

Our message is this:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

The Founding Fathers got the Constitution right the first time. Politicians need to back off and stop messing with it. Once the 2nd amendment goes, it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the amendments go with it.

Don’t believe me? Look at HISTORY. History repeats itself: America is doomed if it continues down it’s path. Capitalism and democracy has been the only systems that have worked: but they can’t exist in a corrupt world without an armed population keeping balance in the world.

Reason #6 You Should Come Fishing with Me on Saturday: If you catch the biggest fish, I’ll give you a free gun.


Florida Gun Supply is sort of like a modern-day business form of Robin Hood. Sure, we sell a lot of guns, but we give a whole bunch away as well. We like to meet people where they are, and it’s our goal to get our community armed, trained, and carrying daily.

We’ll be giving away at LEAST 4 free guns this month: and one of them will be to whomever catches the biggest fish on Saturday!

Here’s the basics about our open carry firearms fishing trip:

  1. Show up early enough to begin walking at 1PM. We will be starting the open carry march at 1PM after reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. (I’ve been teaching Owen and Chris to say the Pledge as well!)
  2. Keep your hands off your guns. Seriously, do not touch them at all: imagine how bad it would be for the 2nd amendment across America if there was to be a firearms accident at this event! Don’t chance it: don’t touch it.
  3. We will all begin fishing together at the same time, and we’ll literally only be fishing for a half hour. Catch and release, please.
  4. It doesn’t matter to me what fish turns out to be the biggest. If it’s a draw, we’re going to have to let each fisherman battle to the death in order to determine the winner. I’m just kidding. If it’s a draw, we’ll just cut the gun in half.
  5. We will march back together. Just in case.

Reason #7 You Should Come Fishing with Me on Saturday: We need to let Florida Politicians know we support EVACUATION CARRY.

The way the current law reads right now, if there is a mandatory evacuation in the state of Florida (state of emergency), you and I are not allowed to carry firearms. In fact, we can’t even take them with us if we evacuate.

The current law makes it illegal for a lawful concealed carry holder to carry a firearm concealed, or be in possession of a gun at all – during a state of emergency.

That’s the most stupid law I’ve ever heard of.

We need to support this law so that we can protect ourselves, those we love, and our possessions – especially during chaotic times.

Ordinarily normal people will rape and murder if they feel they can get away with it. Look at hurricane Katrina. That’s what happened when people didn’t have guns to protect themselves.

Reason #8 You Should Come Fishing with Me on Saturday: We need to let Florida Politicians know we support CAMPUS CARRY.

When will we learn that mass-shooters choose their locations based off of two things:

  • How many people they can kill before being killed or taking their own lives (schools are a perfect target for this)
  • How likely it is for them to face unarmed targets instead of armed (again, schools)

Allowing teachers and students to lawfully conceal firearms on campus will:

  • Reduce the number of rapes on college campuses
  • Save lives in the event of an active-shooter event
  • Reduce the number of violent occurrences of any sort on college campuses

This is common sense. If you don’t believe me, look at ANY data in ANY study. The facts cannot be disputed: the more legal people that carry, the lower the crime rate. Period. It’s never been proven wrong.

Will there be more firearm accidents on college campuses? Most likely, yes – but if you allow more CARS on campus, there will be more car accidents, too. That’s a fact of life. That said, gun owners know: gun owners are the most responsible people we know. We’re dealing with life and death here, and we know it.

Reason #9 You Should Come Fishing with Me on Saturday: I’m Still Proud to be an American. Sometimes, too proud!

For the past 3 years of my life, I’ve literally opened the doors of my home and the gates to my property to anyone with a desire to live a safer lifestyle. I’ve personally trained over 4,000 students here in central Florida, and it’s always been my goal to change America.

I’ve invested the last 3 years of my life in America: and I need America to invest back.

I’ve never taken a paycheck from this business – I’ve always had a full time job that supported me. Florida Gun Supply started because I wanted to change America – but I never needed a paycheck from it. Now I do.

I’ve lost my full time job. It was one of those situations where I could choose to let them fire me (and collect unemployment), or I could resign and keep my dignity. I chose to keep my dignity; but that means that Florida Gun Supply now needs to support me.

The way that your support on Saturday will help is because the more people we get talking about this event, the more my business will thrive. Our primary goal is to change America: but we can’t invest in America unless Florida Gun Supply is holding it’s own.

Right now, it’s not. We need more sales. I have no more money to invest. I’m tapped!

Reason #10 You Should Come Fishing with Me on Saturday: America needs us. The time to act is now.

We need to take the bull by the horns here and take a stand. The Founding Fathers gave us the power, the tools, and the processes that WE NEED in order to make a difference.

We just need to step up and make a difference.

Coming fishing with me on Saturday, March 28th at 1PM isn’t going to change the country by itself: but it could absolutely give us the momentum we need to change America.

Please share this with your friends and RSVP below.

RSVP for the Open Carry Firearms Fishing Trip & Tournament Below!

Fishing Trip FAQs

How old do you have to be in order to carry a firearm at this event?

I’m not a lawyer, but from my understanding of the law, Florida law allows people who are 18 years of age or older to be in possession of a firearm. There is no exclusion for hunting, fishing, camping, or traveling to-or from.

That said, it is my opinion that the law allows people who are 18 years of age or older to lawfully open carry a pistol on March 28th.

Is this a family-event?

Of course!

I’ll be bringing both my 2 year olds, and you can feel free to bring your entire family as well!

What sort of fishing license do I need?

Just go down to Walmart and get a free freshwater fishing license for the shore. I believe the license is free.

Do I HAVE to open carry at this event?


No fishing pole? No gun? Come out and support this event anyway!

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