Citrus County Sheriff’s Election: Keep It Clean, Fellas!

Citrus County Sheriff’s Election: Keep It Clean, Fellas!

Here in Citrus County, we want a CLEAN election, not one full of lies, accusations, and dirt!

Citrus County is going through a lot of changes lately. We are unlike ANY community on the planet – we are closer than any other community, we care more about our community than most other communities, and we care more about who leads our law enforcement than most other communities.

We all know that Phil Royal was going to win this race – and I think we all wish he was still around so we wouldn’t have to bother with how disgusting this race is getting.

We miss you, Phil. Wish you were here to bring us all together again.

Unfortunately, we do need to come to a decision on whom to vote for.

Citrus County won’t tolerate dirty campaigning and Facebook DRAMA!

Florida Gun Supply hosted an “Out Shoot the Future Sheriff” competition in support of Chuck Kanehl.

We have our share of crazy stalkers here at Florida Gun Supply, and one of them (Darrin Johnson) quickly took to the keyboard and created DRAMA by posting this image to the Mike Prendergast for Sheriff Facebook page. Via Darrin Johnson’s FAKE Facebook account “Kerry Fredrickson,” Darrin started trouble on Mike Prendergast’s Facebook page.

Darrin used to work at Gold Diggers and Gunslingers – who also have a long history of being mean to customers and other businesses.

Dirty Accusations Not Deleted from the Prendergast Facebook Page

A post that was posted by Darrin Johnson via a fake Facebook account to create drama.

Prendergast Campaign Deletes All Pro-Chuck and Pro-Florida Gun Supply Comments

Instead of taking the higher road and DELETING this Facebook comment, Mike Prendergast responded to this accusation that Chuck Kanehl is anti-Muslim, anti-black, pro-assassination, etc.

In fact, when Florida Gun Supply responded to this post, our comment was quickly deleted – and we were even BANNED from Mike Prendergast’s page!

Here’s the offending comment that Mike Prendergast deleted:


Our supporters also chimed in on this post, and finally, after over 20-30 pro-Florida Gun Supply and pro-Chuck Kanehl comments, Mike Prendergast for Sheriff’s Campaign finally removed the post.

Mike Prendergast and were promised a public apology the next day. This apology never came.

Mike Prendergast for Sheriff’s Facebook page promised an apology. It never came.

Facebook Drama Makes it to Front Page of Local Paper

Darrin Johnson didn’t just create Facebook drama on Mike Prendergast’s Facebook page: he also posted it directly to Chuck Kanehl’s Facebook page.

Initially, Darrin was on his own with this Facebook drama – until Christine Pemberton and her chronies chimed in. For those of you who don’t know who Christine Pemberton is, she owns the Breakroom Billiards in Citrus County – and is the queen of drama.

Finally, the drama all landed on the front page of the Citrus County Comical.

chronicle-kanehlChuck Kanehl is truly a war hero who won’t ever allow dirty tactics to enter his campaign. (Neither will Steve Burch or Mike Kylap!)

In case you didn’t know, Chuck Kanehl has served this country his entire adult life – because he was given the gift of life. Watch Chuck’s story below – and SHARE this video!

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