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Disabled white guy tortured: Forced to say F*** Donald Trump!!!!

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This is vile. Revolting. And every other nasty word.

I don’t give a rat’s ass what color a person’s skin is. I don’t care how people dress. I don’t care where people from.

I only care how people THINK.

All human life is equally valuable – and if you don’t believe the same way about the sanctity and value of ALL human life, then we’re going to have problems – and stop reading this blog post right now. Because I’m right, and you’re dead wrong.

I’m not a racist.

Lately, I’ve been seeing A LOT of racist people in the media – but not a SINGLE person has been white.

If this video makes you angry, then come join my Open Carry “If This Flag Offends You, I’ll Help You Pack!” March the day after Inauguration!


This is the NON-GRAPHIC video:


3 thoughts on “Disabled white guy tortured: Forced to say F*** Donald Trump!!!!

  1. I hope these people that did this are behind bars today, & that silly ass girl that’s just laughing. What gets me is, they call him a nigger repeatedly, and why do they want him to say, ” F*** Donald Trump” this world is going to be a better place after January 20th, & I can’t wait. These people need to be tied up and have the same exact shot done to them.

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