Apopka: Woman Raped in front of Man in Home Invasion

Apopka: Woman Raped in front of Man in Home Invasion

“This evil will not be tolerated in my state.” – Andy Hallinan, Owner of Florida Gun Supply

Words cannot explain the sorrow and heartbreak that I feel for the victims of this home invasion that was less than an hour and a half from us here in Inverness. I wish there was something more we could do.

This type of cruelty and behavior is unacceptable in my state, and I’m furious that this happened.

We as Americans cannot keep allowing this to happen in our lives, communities, states, or country at all. Something must be done.

I wish we could do more, but here’s what we can do right now to help the residents of Apopka recover from this event and feel safer in their homes:

  • We will give a 100% free concealed carry class to any Apopka residents
  • We will give exclusive discounts and lower the prices on guns as low as we can for any home defense gun to Apopka residents
  • We will give exclusive discounts on our Realistic Assault Prevention Experience Class (for women only)

We need to equip ourselves with both the training and equipment needed to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe here at home.

I wasn’t there at this particular home invasion, but I know one thing: these guys never would have gotten close enough to me or my family to hurt them.

I have both the equipment and training I need to ensure that my family is completely safe at all times. It’s not just about owning a gun: it’s much more complicated than that.

Equipment, training, practice, muscle memory, and preparedness all play a factor in your chances to prevent a situation like this.

FREE Concealed Carry Class for Any Apopka Residents

These evil cowards are still on the lose somewhere here in Florida!

Arm yourselves, lock your doors, have a plan of action, and always be ready to protect the ones you love.

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