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AK47 Ban: What Does Obama’s Latest Executive Order Really Mean?

Posted On July 19, 2014 at 11:08 pm by / No Comments

AK47 Ban: What is Happening?

Due to the current Ukraine VS Russia crisis, the Untied States is slapping Russia with some pretty steep sanctions. One of them is that we are no longer allowing US citizens to import anything made in Russia – including the Kalashnikov AK47.

Is the AK47 Ban Really About Sanctions Against Russia?

Let’s be honest here, King Obama is out to get guns. Period. Anything he can do to take guns from people, he’s going to do it.

Should I Be Worried About What’s Happening in America Right Now?

Yes, absolutely. We’ve never seen this kind of tyranny in our country. Things are getting nuts, and they will only get worse!

You’re Inciting Fear in Your Customers! That’s Called Fear-Mongering!

Absolutely not. Do you think that the government will just outright ban these guns all at once? No way. The people would be outraged – there would be violence, rebellion, etc. The way our government will remove the guns from it’s citizens is by eating away at our rights little by little.

This is the first example of many to come.

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