Florida Gun Supply’s Reaction to Ahmed Mohamed’s Clock Show & Tell

Florida Gun Supply’s Reaction to Ahmed Mohamed’s Clock Show & Tell

Muslim boy brings clock that looks like bomb to school: teachers and cops called “Islomophobic” for reporting it!

In case you haven’t heard, a 14-year-old freshman named Ahmed Mohamed took a clock to McArthur high school that looked like a bomb.

One of his teachers was alarmed enough to report the suspicious looking device to the principal, who then reported said clock to the authorities.

If this kid hadn’t been a Muslim, you’d have never heard about this on the news.

Here are the top 5 things you need to know about Ahmed Mohamed and his clock. Please share.

Ahmed Mohamed Truth #1: Ahmed didn’t BUILD or invent ANYTHING.


The clock that Ahmed supposedly “built” wasn’t unique. He didn’t “build” this clock: he removed the clock from its original plastic container and re-mounted it into a suspicious looking container.

Experts have agreed: Ahmed didn’t actually build anything. Watch this video: it’s important!

Why would he do this, and then bring it to school? I believe he did this to get attention. But it may have been more sinister than that.

Ahmed Mohamed Truth #2: Ahmed’s father is an Islamic activist.

When the idiot Reverend Terry Jones hosted a “Koran” trial, Mohamed ElHassan flew to Florida on his own dime to “defend” the Holy Book during the mock trial.

He spent his own time and money to travel all the way out to Florida and spent the time it took to defend his holy book.

Why would an Islamic activist allow his child to bring something like this to school? Could he have been trying to “stir the pot?”




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