About Florida Gun Supply’s Online Gun Store

About Florida Gun Supply’s Online Gun Store

Want to know what Florida Gun Supply is all about? Watch the video below!

Florida Gun Supply isn’t just another gun shop interested in taking your money and making a profit. We didn’t start out to make money, and that’s not our focus today. We are a movement based on the belief in the United States Constitution and the pursuit of happiness. We no longer believe the world revolves around us, even though society tells us to believe that it does.

Florida Gun Supply is a group of like-minded individuals who agree that America still is the greatest nation on the planet. We

We are training, arming, and preparing citizens across the nation for one purpose: to save human lives.

Here is the creed that we live by: share this with every person you know and let’s make America great again!

I still believe that despite it’s flaws, America is the greatest nation on the planet.

I still believe we should live by a code, that the good of the group should always come before the good of the invividual.

I still believe that guns are the last barrier between freedom and tyranny, and I hope that I’ll never need to use mine to make sure freedom reigns.

I still believe that my country and my family are more important than my life, and call it old-fashioned, but I would gladly give my life to protect either.

I still believe in the right to bear arms, even though those in power always seek to remove power from citizens like me.

I still believe that buying based on quality is more important than than saving a buck.

I still believe that when possible, buying from an American company is a good idea.

I still believe that small business is more powerful than the corporate bullies.

I still believe that this nation can get back on track, even though it’s being run by corrupt politicians and a biased media.

I am the last of a dying breed. I am still proud to be an American.

I live by a code, and I’ll never sell out or surrender to any other code but mine, and I will defend my country and family from any enemy who wants to force their ideology on me.

I am the last of a dying breed of true American patriots.


Top 3 Reasons Why Florida Gun Supply is the Best Online Gun Store on the PLANET

Reason #1 That We’re the Best: We only sell the best guns on the planet. You won’t find junk here.

Other gun shops simply slap any guns on their website that might make them some money. Not us. We have a code to follow. We don’t sell junk, we don’t sell crap, and we don’t sell you guns that you can’t rely on. The number 1 reason why our onling gun shop is the best is what keeps us in business. You can say with certainty: If the gun is listed on Florida Gun Supply, you know it’s a fantastic firearm.

Reason #2 We’re the Best: Our customers know that we have their back.

Ever been to a gun shop that doesn’t deem you worthy of their time? Ever felt like the person you were talking to just wanted to hurry you off the phone? Yeah, we’ve been there, too.

Reason #3 We’re the Best: Our customers know that we have their back.

Florida Gun Supply is a “doing business as” name of TEOTWAWKI Investments, LLC. “TEOTWAWKI” stands for “The End Of The World As We Know It” – which has been in existance for over 3 years.

Our FFL number is 1-59-017-01-6G-27783.

What Florida Gun Supply is Known For

We’ve been doing training here in Florida for the concealed carry classes for over a year, and we’ve had over 1200 students since September of last year. All of our students wanted to be able to buy guns at an affordable price, and they were sick of talking to the local shops here in the area who were rude, pushy, and just all around mean gun people. So we decided to start our own online gun store which has great prices and great customer service.

What is TEOTWAWKI Investments, LLC?

TEOTWAWKI Investments, LLC was originally started as an investment company to help others become surivival experts. Our primary mission is to protect human life in any event – natural disasters, threats against life, and a traditional “grid-down” scenario. We’re preppers, and we’re teaching the community how to become preppers as well.

Here are some other web properties we own:

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    Thank You for being there my friend, we are on the same page

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