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Ultimate 72-Hour Emergency Kit Test & Review

Posted On August 31, 2016 at 2:35 pm by / 40 Comments

First: Enter to Win Your FREE Wise Company 72 Hour Emergecy Kit from Wise Company!

Wise Company 72-Hour Emergency Kit

Tropical Storm Challenge: Andy Will Eat NOTHING But This Wise Company 72-Hour Emergency Kit! Follow along!

Save $20 right now on your Ultimate 72-Hour Survival Kit
Save $20 right now on your Ultimate 72-Hour Survival Kit

Introduction: What I Am Doing

Here’s  the plan – Tropical Storm Hermine is heading towards Florida. Although Hermine might not bring a huge amount of chaos, it DOES bring an excellent opportunity to test out some of my survival gear.

Over the next 72 hours, the only thing I am going to consume is food from my 72-Hour Ultimate Emergency Survival Kit from Wise Company.

Day 1 – Meal 1: The First Time Trying Wise Company Survival Food

Day 2 – Breakfast: The Breakfast of Warriors!

40 thoughts on “Ultimate 72-Hour Emergency Kit Test & Review

  1. I had a warehouse full of this stuff when I was the Food Director at the BOP, it is a great product, very tasty, not bad at all.

  2. Hopefully the Weather and the Food provided will not be severe…
    Best wishes with the experiment…and hope it turns out to be a surprisingly enjoyable success:>)

  3. I would like to see how you do with this I have one similar I’ve done mres but am up to new products I’ve been wanting to come visit your store flordia gun supply how far is it from sarasota 9418793368

  4. Andy You Got This!!
    Looking forward to Seeing & hearing you explain All this Kit has to Offer. Sometimes reading up on it does not help you understand all the details involved that matters.
    Our family and I will be getting a huge grin out of this educational purpose and Hope The Sams boys Win The Ultimate 72hour Emergency Survival Kit!!
    We The Sams Family Nominate Our boys John & Steven to Be the Winners of this
    #Ultimate 72 hour Emergency Surival Kit Give Away !! As they are Always Telling Us They Are Still Hungry & There’s nothing else to eat 😉 lol
    Oh yeah boys 😉 #Salute

  5. Love the videos Andy! It is good for you to show how they really are because we get these things and keep them in our kits and never really know. Thanks for sharing. We did try the freeze dried ice cream sandwich which was really good surprisingly!! It was not cold ice cream but it did taste like ice cream! (The Ice Cream Dr. it is not!!!) Good luck. Keep us posted!

  6. Nice giveaway! Thx for the posting on LCR too. It’s very accurate and grip makes it comfortable. Only prob, grip makes it to big for cc and grabs clothes. Tried boot grip- too small, G10 too big and a lot more felt recoil. Know of any other grips available?

  7. If I win this you can donate it to one of your newbie CCW classes. I do hope you are considering selling one of the survival food lines in store. Please look at Thrive before you decide. ( lol, self serving request, I HATE the shipping charges)

  8. We live in Florida (Jacksonville) and this would be a wonderful addition to our current supplies. Thank you so much for the chance to win but also for all of the helpful information you provided in you videos!

  9. This is so important to have in case of an emergency. Most people do not understand that. I cannot really afford to purchase this myself so I enter in the hopes of winning one.

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