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2nd Amendment Basics 101: The Top 5 Reasons Civilians Need Guns

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The Most Simple Way to Explain the Need for Firearms in Modern America

My friend Phil forwarded me an email he had written to his mother the other day.

Like the rest of America, Phil’s mother was understandably upset that guns were used to kill innocent kids at the Parkland school in Florida. She demanded answers – which we all so desperately seek.

Among her questions, Phil’s mother thoughfully writes:

  • What can be done to prevent school shootings in the future?
  • Should we just stop selling guns?
  • Should we restrict the sale to people over 21?
  • Should we arm school teachers?

Phil’s response is the inspiration of this blog post, and hopefully will lead to some excellent talking points for you in your own conversations.

Thanks, Phil!

Reason #1 Civilians Need Guns: God is been forgotten.

Before the Pilgrims ever set foot on their newfound American territory, they created a set of rules and regulations called, “The Mayflower Compact.” This was the earliest form of American democracy governed by a free people intent on self governance.

This short document contained only 204 words and 6 sentences – but it mentioned God 4 separate times!

Fast forward from 1620 to 1776 – and you’ll find the Christian faith intertwined within every facet of the original government in America.

Today, however, things are different.

God is being pushed out of our lives by our media, our friends, our entertainment, and our government.

We can’t even use the term “under God” anymore when reciting the Pledge of Allegiance for fear of someone becoming offended.

With God forgotten… Evil can become stronger.

Reason #1 Civilians Need Guns: Evil exists.

These stories speak for themselves. Watch:

Then watch:

Reason #3 Civilians Need Guns: Our government cannot protect us.

“When seconds count, cops are just minuted away.”

Remember what happened in Parkland Florida? A government employee – a sheriff deputy – was too cowardly to go inside the school to save lives.

Reason #4 Civilians Need Guns: We need guns to protect ourselves  from our government. 

If you take the guns out of the hands on the law abiding citizens, who is going to protect you from your police, government or military forces? Who is going to protect you from the tyrants that just might be your governing body or criminals who don’t share your view?

Many Americans don’t believe that America will ever become tyrannical.

Many Americans don’t believe the American government will every turn on it’s people.

Germans in Nazi Germany felt the same.

The most trusted study about Civil war found the following to be major factors in Civil wars across the globe:

  • Availability of finance: Primary commodity exports substantially increase the risk of conflict, and the authors interpret this as the effect of opportunities to extort. Diasporas also increase the risk of conflict renewal, which is interpreted to be the result of diaspora financing. This type of financing was a particular feature of the Sri Lankan Civil War where the Tamil Tigers received significant funding from the diaspora population.
  • Opportunity cost of rebellion: Measures of opportunity cost such as male secondary education enrollment, per capita income and the growth rate all have significant conflict reduction effects. These variables collectively proxy the foregone earnings if individuals choose to rebel.
  • Military advantage: Population dispersion increases the risk of conflict because it provides the rebels with military advantage.
  • Population size: A large population increases the risk of conflict. The reason for this effect is left open to interpretation and may reflect increased opportunities or grievances.
  • Grievances: Inequality, political rights, ethnic polarisation and religious fractionalisation were all insignificant variables in predicting conflict. They find that only ethnic dominance, where one ethnic group is the majority, increases the risk of conflict.
  • Time: Time since the last conflict reduces the risk of new conflict, suggesting time can heal the wounds of civil war.

In Phil’s Own Words:

 I am a strong proponent of the second amendment for many different reasons.

  1. If you take the guns out of the hands on the law abiding citizens, who is going to protect you from your police, government or military forces?
  2. Who is going to protect you from the tyrants that just might be your governing body, or criminals who don’t share your view?
  3. Guns in and of themselves are not inherently dangerous.
  4. A gun on a shelf loaded will not go off by itself.

Soooooooo the problem is not guns, and taking any kind of gun out of the hands of its citizens only weakens that society.

The real problem is we have taken God out of the schools and right and wrong no longer exist.  This is the selfish attitude of Americans that make some feel more entitled to the Great American Dream without putting in the hard work and effort it takes. And on the other side is the overly greedy people who need more than they could ever use.

The reason guns become a problem is because society is out of balance.  We are no longer our brothers keeper and this makes much of society feel like every one is out to get them and their hard earned income. Then because there is no longer any right or wrong everyone feels like their way is the right way and they take matters into their own hands.
We need more integrity and honesty, a willingness to do the right thing even when it is hard.

Last but not least is our political system that encourages lying under the guise of political spin/politics as usual. I truly feel for those that lost loved ones in any of our tragic shootings, but a well placed well trained law abiding citizen could stop the killing more quickly with a gun than without.  This is what my new venture is all about.  “Get armed. Get trained. Carry daily. Long live the Republic”.  Training more people in proper use of any firearm makes for a much safer and more polite society. If I am carrying a firearm, do I really want to start a dispute that could end up with someone getting shot?  If I am educated in the use and laws, that answer is a resounding NO!!!! The part that is missing is the respect for any and all human life.

The problem is they are trying to lump many different issues into one solution.

Good people with guns save more lives than those lost, but the news doesn’t report the positive side. Crooks will always be among us and they are going to what they want. Why should I give up my right to defend myself or protect my family and loved ones because a person with a different value system decides he wants to hurt somebody or take what they have worked hard to earn?  None of my guns have hurt anybody and some have been around longer than I have been alive.

Did the terrorist attacks of 9/11 use a single firearm? I do not remember reports of a firearm being used even in the planes and yet they killed more people than all of these shootings combined.

Taking my guns away only makes us weaker.

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