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2nd Amendment Rally: Open Carry Potluck Contest to Win a Gun

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A video unlike one we’ve ever done before…

Watch, share, and STAND UP!

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Open Carry Rally & Potluck Contest!


“Best Potluck Meal or Desert Wins a FREE GUN!”

Here’s what we’re going to do:

  • Meet at Florida Gun Supply’s shooting range at 250 S Tabitha Path Inverness, FL at 2:00 PM on Saturday, May 14th
  • This will be a potluck event: so bring your favorite dish!
  • Open-carry your favorite pistol!
  • The main event will be a “21 gun” type salute: any participant will be allowed to fire 3 rounds in a very coordinated fashion: all at the same time


Can I come without a meal?

  Of course! We NEED people to sample each potluck dish and VOTE on the winner of the free gun!  

Is it legal to open carry during this event?

  Yes, as long as each person who is open carrying is going to be shooting, they may legally open carry while attending this event.  

Sounds dangerous! How the heck are you going to keep people safe for this event?

  First of all, remember that gun owners are the safest and most responsible people I’ve ever met.   We will be using BLANKS for our 3-shot salute. The blanks will be provided by Florida Gun Supply a few minutes prior to our 3-shot salute. Participants will be required to sign a liability waver and swear on oath that they have no live ammunition on their person. We cannot chance an accident at this event.

Who is the camera crew for this event?

All we have been authorized to say is this:

The event will be taped for a documentary type program I am a part of regarding Florida Gun Supply and its recent media attention. You may be recorded at the event, and if you are, you are agreeing to the use of that footage in the program. If attending you will be asked to sign a waiver acknowledging you might appear on camera.

This is going to be EPIC!

What else do I need to know about this event?

We need sponsors for this event for the purchase of the blanks, the tents, and advertising. If you know of any other pro-2nd-amendment businesses or people who wish to sponsor the event, please let them know. To cover costs (blank ammunition, tents, advertising, etc) and to track how many people will be attending, we will need to purchase tickets for this event. Tickets will cost $10 per person shooting ans are available at the door. Kids and non-shooters are free.

If you’ll be providing the blanks, what type of gun can I shoot?

We will provide blanks for the following calibers:

        • 9mm


    Please indicate which caliber you will be bringing when you purchase your ticket so we can have enough blanks on hand prior to the event.

I’d like to volunteer! How can I get involved?

Thanks for your support, Patriot! Email andy@floridagunsupply.com and we’ll assign you some tasks for the day!

I can’t attend the event, how else can I help?

Thanks for your support, Patriot! Click here to donate now! donate-now

Space is limited: RSVP now!

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