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LOCATIONS: Free Concealed Carry Class Locations

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10 thoughts on “LOCATIONS: Free Concealed Carry Class Locations

  1. I have loved and appreciated guns my entire life from play guns to real guns I have loved them all. I am an avid believer and proud supporter of the 2nd amendment and all the constitution.

  2. Wife want let own a gun and i really think that we need 1 to protect my family.i need to protect them so I hope this will help

  3. i am an american Patriot that sevred his due diligance in the Military and am an avid hunter/sportshooter and an avid 2nd Amendment supporter and am also a supporter for a CCW cardholder especially the disabled and handicapped people like myself that have no other way to defend themselves….America needs more people like us that are tired of all the riots/protests and the safety of our great country and its peoples rights that are protected under the constitution

  4. Howdy Andy, should I be lucky enough to win the Taurus, I will auction it off with all proceeds going to my PD to help purchase ballistic helmets to go along with their level IV vests. I want my guys and gals to have the best possible protection available.

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